Green at heart, with people in mind.

Our Story

We want to make the world a better place. That means creatively working towards a healthier environment and happier people. From advancing energy efficient technology, to putting smiles across our customers’ faces, we develop planet friendly products with people friendly designs to make a difference.

Look Good

Look Good

We get it. It’s a tough call between picking something cool and picking something that is a bit more environmentally friendly, especially when it’s your hard earned dough on the line. That is why aesthetics is also a priority for us, to make that choice an easier one for you. (Because what’s the point of saving the planet if you can’t show it off?!)
Do Good

Do Good

We believe that we can always do more for our planet. Whether that is conserving more of our resources, making improvements, or keep things from getting bad, we’ll continue searching for different ways to do some good.
Feel Good

Feel Good

Nanoleaf is as much about our work as it is about the people supporting us. Our products might be able to make an impact, but the real difference comes from everyone else using them (that’s you!) So at the end of the day, it’s important that what we do and how we do it represents something you can stand behind and feel good about.

Being responsible has never been so much fun.

Being green is important to you but nothing kills a friendly conversation quicker than talking about carbon emissions.  Fear not. Our bulbs are not only the most energy efficient in the world, they have looks that start conversations —not stop them — so being responsible and being fun are no longer mutually exclusive.

The Power of You

Once a specialty choice of architects and large corporations, LED lighting purchases for the home are predicted to grow by over 70% in the next 10 years – becoming the largest market in the world.


That’s why we’re here. To put our products in the hands of the people that can help us make a real difference (that’s you!). And hopefully make their lives a bit brighter in the process.


Meet the Family

Don’t We Have Beautiful Kids?

The world's most energy efficient light bulb.

Nanoleaf One

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I Want One

The world's first dimming light bulb that doesn't require a dimmer.

Nanoleaf Bloom

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I Want One

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Nanoleaf Gem

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