Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is one of the first Homekit Enabled lighting solutions. The world's most energy efficient light bulbs just got smarter!

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At Nanoleaf, we’ve always believed energy efficiency doesn’t have to come at the expense of beautiful design. And now we have the awards to prove it.

Award Winning Efficiency,
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CTO Corner

CTO Corner: Visible Light And The Human Biology
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Nanoleaf One Wins SEAD Global Efficiency Medal!

We are thrilled to announce that our Nanoleaf One (formerly…

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Nanoleaf Adventures

Live on Indiegogo: The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit
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Our bulbs look different because they perform better.
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Nanoleaf Smarter Series

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Smarter Series

Let your voice be the on/off switch!

World's most energy efficient connected bulb.

We believe connected devices should be made to make your life easier, that's why we created the Smarter Kit. It's the first connected smart bulb that proves technical brilliance doesn't have to mean dim-witted design. And with support for major home automation platforms such as Apple HomeKit, you can use Siri to control your lights.

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Unabashedly Unround

When we set out to create the most efficient light bulb in the world, we soon realized that it couldn't just be evolutionary, it needed to be revolutionary.

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  • “The [Nanoleaf Bloom] arrived, and to our excitement, looked like a carnival light sent from the future to bathe us in its space glow.”

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  • “The Nanoleaf Bloom ... uses a sequence of on/off switches at the wall to set its brightness. Which means no additional hardware and no app required. How liberating!”

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  • “[The Nanoleaf One] not only offers an output of 1,600 lumens, equivalent to a 100W incandescent light bulb, it does so while operating at incredibly low power-sipping rating of 12W.”

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  • “The Nanoleaf Gem is the answer when you’re looking for a bulb to use exposed without a shade or cover.”

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