How These Artists Flaunt Their PRIDE

September 2018

by Didi Abdulnabi

How These Artists Flaunt Their PRIDE

September 2018

by Didi Abdulnabi

Palm Springs Pride is just around the corner! And while the LGBTQ community is prepping their colourful rainbow flags and attire in celebration of this empowering cause, four unique musicians are prepping for their performances on a stage decked out in Nanoleaf Light Panels!

“It’s an added level of SEXY FUN” says Tiaan, an R&B/Pop Artist performing in PS Pride this year.

Tiaan’s love for music started since she spoke her first words, and watching Britney Spears’ music videos and performances is what inspired her to take that love and turn it into a career. What she loves most about using the Nanoleaf Light Panels is that “they can go intimate or they can go LARGE,” which is perfect for Tiaan’s vibrant yet honest and relatable music style, a style that Rhyan, an R&B/Hip Hop artist performing in Pride, can certainly relate to as well.

“I believe I stand out simply by just writing and living my truth, I experience life and come back and turn them into songs…” Rhyan shares.

He started his music career at a precocious 13 years old and he plans to continue growing his career and making a name for himself as a Rap artist. He uses the Light Panels “literally everyday” and he loves that they add a “deeper mood” to each song. He tells us “if i’m feeling down and want to write a super sad emotional song, I’ll turn them blue…or if i’m wanting to write a diss track, I’ll make them red to match the aggressive atmosphere.” Rhyan is loving experiencing music with the Light Panels so much that he would like to include them in his future on-stage performances and even in a music video!

One artist that has already used the Light Panels in her on-stage performance is Elisia Savoca, an Urban Pop musician, also known as “the shower singer” by her parents. She used them in a recent performance in San Diego, and the crowd went wild and danced the night away to her energetic performance. But that’s not the only impact they’ve had on Elisia. “I used them at band practice and I got chills because of how dreamy and fun they made the room. It felt like I was in a different world,” she shares.

Last but not least, from our Palm Springs Pride artists this year is Dyson, an open and honest pop artist with an EDM-soul influence.

“Telling stories is a huge part of my music and writing songs helps me deal with the things happening in my life. Its therapy for me.”

Perhaps what resonated most with Dyson is the way her Light Panels dance to the music with the Rhythm Module, especially with EDM. “It’s all about the beat and the feel and these capture that perfectly,” she shares.

But for Dyson it’s not all about highlighting the beat, but rather creating a vibe and atmosphere when writing/performing music. She tells us “I am just super excited to be able to work with Nanoleaf and have such a great asset for my shows and for my creative process. Vibe is so key when being creative and these definitely bring it.”

Well Dyson, we’re definitely excited to see the vibe you create at your Palm Springs Pride performance this year!

Although the Light Panels are a great asset to any performance or studio showcase, perhaps their best feature is the personalisation and how each artist can use them in a different way to show us who they are. They open the window to an artist’s soul. So when you’re in the crowd watching these performers, you can feel very quickly what the artist is communicating by the colours, the speed, and the motion of the lights themselves.

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