Introducing the Honey Harvest

Juli 13, 2019


The team at Nanoleaf is made up of diverse, global citizens who are passionate about what we do and the communities that are home to us and our customers. Every summer, we run an initiative that seeks to use our voice to raise awareness and funds in support of an issue of global importance that matters, and that everyone can help solve.

This year, we’ve chosen to dedicate our efforts to helping preserve pollinator populations. We’re proud to directly support the David Suzuki Foundation’s pollinator programs with the proceeds. If you’re not that familiar with pollinators and their plight, you’re not alone—it’s only been in the last few years that the mainstream has started to take notice. When we speak of pollinators, we mean collectively the bees, insects, butterflies, and small birds that play a crucial role in crop production. Many of the crops that we eat are only able to reproduce when these creatures carry pollen from plant to plant. It’s impossible to overstate the importance that pollinators play in this process—it’s estimated that one of every three mouthfuls of food we take is made possible by pollinators.

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Why are pollinators imperilled? 

Largely from human-related activities. As a civilization, we haven’t yet learned how to live in perfect balance with nature. Urbanization and pollinator de-habitation, along with increased pesticide and herbicide use are contributing to a reduction in pollinator populations. Pollinator-supporting programs through organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation help to reverse the trend of pollinator decline, and create suitable habitats while also seeking to create policy change that makes a difference.

If you’re outsideof Canada, check out these environmental organizations that have a focus on pollinators:

United States

United Kingdom

European Union




New Zealand

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting articles on the Nanoleaf Blog about what you can do at home to help.

Here’s how our donation to the David Suzuki Foundation will be calculated. Between July 14th and August 17th, for orders placed on The Nanoleaf Shop anywhere in the world:

  • C$1 for each order placed
  • C$5 for each reusable Nanoleaf Tote sold
  • C$50 for each limited edition, pollinator-themed design kit sold

If you’d prefer to directly support an environmental charity with a pollinator program that’s closer to home, great! We’re awarding 20 Nanoleaf Perks points for every $1 that you donate (up to a maximum of 10,000 points). Just send us a copy of your charitable receipt by uploading it here.

To keep things fun, we’ll be running a number of special promotions throughout The Honey Harvest =)

  • July 14 – 20: Buy a 9-PK or 15-PK Nanoleaf Light Panels | Rhythm Edition and get a second 50% OFF
  • July 21 – 27: Buy a Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit (9-PK) and get a second 50% OFF
  • July 28 – August 3: Buy any Nanoleaf Light Panels or Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit and get a free Nanoleaf Remote
  • August 4 – 10: Buy any Nanoleaf Light Panels or Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack and get a free set of Flex Linkers
  • August 11 – 17: 25% Off Expansion Pack Megabundles for Nanoleaf Light Panels or Nanoleaf Canvas
  • July 14 – August 17: 
    • Buy any high-efficiency LED lightbulb and get a second lightbulb free
    • Choose from three limited-edition, exclusive design kits
    • Get a reusable Nanoleaf Tote for $14.99, with C$5 donated to the David Suzuki Foundation

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