Meet Thread

Say Goodbye
to Delays

Thread is a lightning fast, stable network technology built to elevate your smart home experience. Say goodbye to delays, dropped connections and hubs, and say hello to a smarter home.

A Mesh Network that Just Works

All of your Thread-enabled devices speak the same language to communicate and connect together to create a reliable self-reinforcing mesh network, rather than relying on a single connection source like with WiFi or Bluetooth.

Mesh Network

Thread in Action

Why is Thread better?
  • Extended Range

    Thread is well connected. The Thread mesh network grows with each additional Thread-enabled device, which means a stronger connection and wider coverage within your home.

  • More Reliable

    Thread is dependable. Leave those dropped connections in 2020. Set the mood with your lights, don’t kill it with error messages.

  • Instant Control

    Thread is fast. Instantaneous responsiveness eliminates awkward pauses that leave you hanging.

  • No Hub

    Thread is simple. Thread border routers are built into products you already love, like the HomePod mini. Finally an end to endless hubs!

Compare Thread with Other Networks

Instant Control

Instant Control

A connection that never sleeps means every light is ready when you are.



If a bulb loses connection, your other devices will instantly help it find its way home.

Extended Range

Extended Range

From the top floor to the basement, you’re covered.

No Hub

No Hub

Just use any smart device with a built-in Thread border router.

Power Efficient

Power Efficient

Your battery-powered devices will thank you for using Thread.

How do I use Thread?

Pair with any device that can act as your Thread border router, and it just works. For example, if you’ve paired with your HomePod mini, then Thread is automatically enabled, and all Thread-enabled products like Nanoleaf Essentials lights will magically start to be lightning fast. The Apple HomePod mini is the first border router available now, with many others on the way.

Which products can be used with Thread?

Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips both already work with Thread. We plan to integrate Thread into all upcoming products to create a unified smart home. Stay tuned!


Thread Is Here to Make Your Smart Home Dreams Come True.

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