Nanoleaf Integration
Flic Smart Button
Works With:
  • Canvas
  • Light Panels
Flic Smart Button

A button that is simple to use and makes it even simpler to control your smart home. Instead of apps or voice commands, push a button.

The Perfect Switch

Flic is a wireless smart button. It is easy to configure and sticks to any surface.

Control lights and Scenes with a single push, a double push, or hold triggers. The perfect light switch for your Nanoleaf lights.

Three Triggers, Endless Combinations

Flic has three triggers: push, double push, or hold.

You can assign different actions in the Flic App to each trigger, for example turning on the music and your Nanoleaf lights with just a push.

Not Just a Light Switch

Not only can you turn on your Nanoleaf lights, but also other smart devices. Have full control of your smart home, with just one button.

Watch this quick tutorial on how to set up Nanoleaf in the Flic App.


The Flic Hub LR

Flic can connect either to your phone, or the Flic Hub LR. The hub provides a stationary, always on, setup that does not rely on your phone to carry out its commands.

This, with improved response times, makes the Flic Hub LR the perfect companion for smart home solutions.

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