Nanoleaf Integration
Desktop App
Works With:
  • Canvas
  • Light Panels
  • Shapes
Desktop App

With the Nanoleaf Desktop App, you can control your Light Panels or Canvas from your computer (Windows or Mac). Create and download new Scenes, set Schedules and use other favourite features right from your computer. The Desktop App was designed to simplify the management of larger installations and offer control of many different layouts at once.

Screen Mirror

Create an immersive entertainment experience.

With Screen Mirror, your on-screen activity is reflected onto your lights—taking your entertainment beyond the screen for a complete multi-sensory experience.

Tailored Experience with Numerous Devices

Same versatile control as on the mobile app, but more efficient. Create and explore new Scenes on a bigger screen, and control your devices with ease.

Want to turn off all your lights at home when you’re ready to go to sleep? Easy, in just one click.

Offline Control

Prefer to isolate your lighting system from the internet? No problem, works seamlessly without internet access on your local WiFi network.

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