Nanoleaf Integration
Mobile App
Works With:
  • Canvas
  • Light Panels
  • Shapes
  • Essentials
Nanoleaf App

Customise your lights exactly how you like with the Nanoleaf App. Turn on and off, control brightness, group lights by home and by room, create or download Scenes, or control all of the lights in a room together. Explore an infinite number of ways that smart lighting can support your smarter life.

Scene Creation

Create your own Scenes to reflect your personal style, moods and activities. Customise everything from colours and motions to layers and speed.

Layout Assistant

Explore different panel layouts with the Layout Assistant, and preview them in your room using the AR feature.

Circadian Lighting

Automatically adjusts the colour temperature of the lights throughout the day to maximize comfort and productivity.


Use Schedules to automate things like your alarm in the morning or getting ready for bed.


Download or create your own curated Playlist of Scenes for any occasion.

Stay in the zone with a “Work From Home” Playlist or get a mood going with something more "Romantic"!


Explore the Nanoleaf community. Download new Scenes and upload your own creations! Check out our playlists that are curated for different moods and activities throughout your day.

Away From Home?

Control your lights through the Nanoleaf Cloud even when you’re not at home by simply logging in to your Nanoleaf App (Mobile App 3.5+) or through the web app.

Web App Login
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