NEW: Nanoleaf Lines Launch Event

Introducing Nanoleaf Lines.

Modular backlit smart light bars for ultramodern neon ambience in your space. In case you missed the launch event, watch the recap! Pre-order OPEN NOW!


Nous vous présentons les Nanoleaf Lines.

Présentation des lignes Nanoleaf.

Transformez votre espace avec les barres lumineuses rétroéclairées et modulaires, pour une ambiance néon ultramoderne. Regardez le replay du lancement pour plus de détails. Les Lines sont DISPONIBLES en pré-commande!


NEUHEIT: Nanoleaf Lines Event

Wir stellen Ihnen die neuen Nanoleaf Lines vor.

Modulare, hinterleuchtete, intelligente Lichtleisten für ein ultramodernes Neon-Ambiente in Ihrem Raum. Falls Sie das Live Event verpasst haben, sehen Sie sich die Zusammenfassung an! Vorbestellung JETZT ERÖFFNET!


Up to 20% OFF, no code needed

10% OFF Shapes Hexagons & Triangles Smarter Kits, up to 15% OFF Expansion Packs. 15% OFF Mini Triangles Smarter Kits & Expansion Packs. 20% OFF Essentials Lightstrips. 15% OFF Elements Smarter Kits, 20% OFF Expansion Packs.

Available until October 24, 2021, no code needed.

Jusqu'à 20% de réduction, aucun code requis

10% de réduction sur les kits de démarrage Shapes Hexagones et Triangles, 15% de réduction sur les kits d'extension des Hexagones et Triangles, 15% sur les Kits de démarrages et d'extension des Mini Triangles. 20% sur les Lightstrips Essentials, 15% sur les kits de démarrage Elements, 20% sur les kits d'extension Elements.

Valable jusqu'au 24 octobre 2021. Aucun code requis.

Jusqu'à 20% de réduction, aucun code requis

10% Rabatt auf die Shapes Hexagons & Triangles Starter Kits und bis zu 15% Rabatt auf Shapes Hexagons & Triangles Erweiterungspakete. 15% Rabatt auf Mini Triangles Starter Kits & Erweiterungspakete. 20% Rabatt auf Essentials Lightstrips. 15% Rabatt auf Elements StarterKits, 20% Rabatt auf Elements Erweiterungs-Packs.

Erhältlich bis zum 24.Oktober.2021, kein Code nötig.

NEW: Nanoleaf Lines Launch Event NOUVEAUTÉ: Lancement des Nanoleaf Lines NEUHEIT: Nanoleaf Lines Event | WATCH RECAP VOIR LE REPLAY REPLAY ANSEHEN
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Nanoleaf  |  Jurassic World
Customizable Color Lighting

Get In On The Adventure In Your Own Home

learn more
Prepare to Be Excited

Transport yourself to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous with Nanoleaf Shapes. Join the team and flex your survival skills and outrun the dinosaurs… all from the safety of your couch. You’ll be so immersed in the action so you can practically feel them ROAR!

Jurassic World franchise © Universal City Studios LLC and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. TV Series © DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

16M+ Colors

Visit the Island

Transform your space with the colors of every exciting scene from the show. The mysterious grays of the lab, the rich greens of the jungle, and the blues of the open sky. Create your own color Scenes or enjoy our curated Playlist.

Reacts to Sounds

Feel the ROAR

Rhythm feature allows your panels to react to sounds in the show in real time. Watch as they dynamically respond to every step, scream and growl.

Make Any Shape

Bring the
Adventure to Life!

Recreate your favorite dinosaurs from the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous right in your room. Touch the panels and watch your creation come alive.

Product Features

  • Combine Shapes

    Modular panels designed to work together with other shapes to create lighting mosaics.

  • 16M+ Colors

    Create the right ambience for any occasion with favorite colors or any shades of white.

  • Touch-Enabled Experiences

    Control the lights or play touch games. Try Touch Actions to activate HomeKit devices.

  • Music Visualizer

    With Rhythm feature, your masterpiece dances to your favorite music or sounds.

  • LayoutDetect™

    Exclusive technology that enables intelligent color animations based on your panel layout.

  • Simple Setup

    Attach your panels to a smooth surface with the included double-sided Mounting Tape.

  • control-setting.svg
    Control View
  • control-paint.svg
    Paint View
  • dashboardr.svg
  • screen-mirror-pdp.svg
    Screen Mirror
Nanoleaf Mobile App
Customize and control your lighting
  • Create custom Scenes and color motions
  • Set schedules to wake up naturally
  • Personalize touch controls
Nanoleaf Desktop App
Customize and control your lighting
  • Create custom Scenes and color motions
  • Set schedules to wake up naturally
  • Personalize touch controls
  • Works with Razer Chroma

    Sync brilliant color effects across all of your Nanoleaf and Razer Chroma devices while you game!

  • Works with Google Assistant

    "Ok Google, turn the
    lights to blue."

  • Works with Apple HomeKit

    "Hey Siri, dim the lights to 50%."

Nanoleaf Integrations
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From the Nanoleaf Community
  • Can't stress enough how cool they look.

    You can create stunning color schemes and scenes, or you can set the panels to respond in color and effects to your music, movies, or whatever sound is around them.

    Business Insider on Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Free from restrictions.

    The new Nanoleaf Shapes will allow you to mix various panel shapes to create nearly any kind of design and shape on your wall, free from restriction[s].

    CNN on Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Simply Awesome.

    There are no two ways to say this, the Canvas is amazing. The thousands of shapes, colors, and setups you can achieve with them will brighten any room.

    Android Police on Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • 30 day exchange or return
  • Free technical support

Shapes Shop

Each Smarter Kit includes everything you need to start creating!


A Parent’s Guide To Watching Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

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Next Level RGB Setups
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