Parcel Carrier Delays in USA

UPS, Fedex, and USPS are currently operating with delays of 7 business days in addition to normal shipping lead times. This means that orders placed on the Nanoleaf Shop USA may not arrive to the recipient for at least 14 calendar days after an order is placed. Air express shipping is currently unavailable for either the US48 or AK/HI/Territories. Please note that if you do choose to place an order, it may be 10 calendar days before your tracking number is updated (which happens when a parcel begins to move to its destination).

Nanoleaf Integration
Apple HomeKit
Works With:
  • Canvas
  • Light Panels
  • Shapes
  • Essentials

Nanoleaf products integrate with your Apple devices. With a simple tap in the Home app, or by asking Siri on HomePod mini, easily control any of your HomeKit-enabled accessories.

Touch Actions

The Easiest Smart Controls, Ever!

Eliminate the extra steps of unlocking, swiping and tapping into your phone’s app.

With a single press on a Canvas square, set off a flurry of action in your smart home. Imagine your Nanoleaf lights changing to a relaxing scene while the rest of your overhead lights dim. In a corner, your fan and oil diffuser hum to life. Curl up and unwind while it unfolds in front of your eyes.


Create a scene in the Home App

Create a Scene for every mood in the Home App.

Say, “Hey Siri, it’s reading time.”

Your lights will change to an inviting pink shade with 70% brightness and your connected blinds will rise, so you can enjoy your time without any extra fuss.

How to Use Voice Commands

Hey Siri…

“Turn [Device Name] on/off.”

“Set [Device Name] to 10% brightness.”

“Brighten/dim the lights.”

“Brighten/dim the lights to [%].”

“Set [Scene Name].”

“Set [Device Name] to [Scene Name]”

“Set [Device Name] to [Color].”

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