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Thread is a fast, low-power wireless mesh network technology built to improve your smart home experience.

Thread vs. Bluetooth

Lower Latency

Thread is fast. Instant control responsivness eliminates awkward pauses that leave you hanging.

More Reliable

Make dropped connections a thing of the past

Extended Range

More Thread-enabled devices throughout your home means larger network coverage, enhancing the effective range.

Energy Saving

Thread-enabled products require less power, meaning low energy/battery consumption.

Why not Zigbee?

Zigbee needs a Zigbee specific hub to talk to your phone or the cloud, only granting you access to individual integrations per hub.

Thread uses a border router which is a bit like a hub, but with one key difference: it speaks the universal language of ALL Thread-enabled products.

With one compatible border router for all your Thread-enabled products, you'll no longer be burdened with multiple hubs.

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