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Dimmer Compatibility Charts

Consumer dimmer switches compatibility tested with Nanoleaf products. Want to buy the right dimmer for your bulb? Start here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions frequently asked by other Nanoleaf customers. Find the FAQ for your product by going here.

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Learn Voice Commands

Ready to take the plunge and control the lights with your voice? Take it beyond ‘Hey Siri, turn on my lights…’ by going here.

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Technical Specifications

Need a detailed look at the functional specifications for Nanoleaf products? Go here. Also, bring an engineer.

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Video Tutorials

Take a deep dive on some of the more advanced features of Nanoleaf products. Go here to browse our library of tutorial videos.

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Nanoleaf Patents

Information related to patents held by Nanoleaf for our technology and processes. Bring a lawyer friend, there’s legalese.

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