Nanoleaf Amber

Nanoleaf Amber

The Strikingly Angular LED Candelabra

Changing lightbulbs in chandeliers is really… irksome. We created the Nanoleaf Amber to remove some of the hassle that comes with owning a chandelier. With its 15,000 hour lifespan, you’ll be making far fewer trips up the ladder.

If you want invitingly warm light and long lifespan, this bulb is for you.

Striking Decahedron Design

The classic Nanoleaf shape with a candelabra flourish.

Gorgeous, Uniform Light

2 custom-designed LED imitation filaments. 360° uniform, candlesque light.

Extra-Long Lifespan

Quality components. Smarter design. Up to 14 years of lighting bliss.

Save Serious Money

What would you do with the $300 each six-pack will save you?