We Believe

Our Manifesto

We believe that creating smarter, more efficient lighting experiences brings excitement to the lives of our customers and creates a more sustainable future for planet earth.

We do this by questioning conventional design wisdom and working to remove the barriers between doing good, looking good, and feeling good.

Simply put, we create the best damned lighting technology on the planet.

Conscious Capitalism

We’re a 3P kind of company—people, profit, and planet. To create a sustainable company that inspires a wave of positive change, you have to have all three. They’re symbiotically intertwined, much like the yin and yang. When making business decisions, we don’t move forward unless there’s a net-positive benefit for people and planet alongside profit.

No multi-million dollar feel-good corporate responsibility programs. No warm-fuzzy PR with talking heads. Just decisive action at the heart of our business.

The Nanoleaf Story

Humble Beginnings and Perpetual Evolution

Our story begins with three adventure-seeking, life-loving, dream-chasing digital nomads with an aspiration: make the world a better place. It wasn’t a new idea, nor one unique to them. But there was a passionate, personal connection to it. The three founders met while building a solar-powered car on the University of Toronto’s World Solar Challenge team—and learned that there didn’t have to be a compromise between performance and efficiency.

The Beginning

Nanoleaf began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, with the founders living in the production facility in China. Originally called the Nanolight, our first product existed because of a belief that the lightbulb didn’t have to look like a lightbulb just because. And could also be much more energy efficient than any lightbulb before it. Thus, the black sheep of LED lighting was born.

We kept the original campaign up to remind us where we got our start. Check it out here.

Putting Down Roots

After the massive success of our original Kickstarter campaign, it was time to get down to business. The first move was a move—out of our CTO’s garage—and into the shared offices at the Mars Discovery District in Toronto, Canada. Not long after, we moved into our current headquarters in downtown Toronto. It’s above both a coffee shop and a pub; and yes, that decision was very popular with our team. At the same time, we set up our production and logistics facility in Shenzhen and our satellite office in Hong Kong.

Breaking Some Rules

The overwhelming response to our Kickstarter campaign made one thing abundantly clear—people wanted change and didn’t care about conventional wisdom in lighting. So, we set out to create our Classic Series lineup. Striking design, champion-like energy efficiency, and a dare-to-care approach to building partnerships with suppliers and customers.

Learn more about our design philosophy here, and our business philosophy here.

Getting Smarter
and Being Smarter

After creating the most energy efficient lightbulb in the world and diverting almost 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere, we opened our horizons up to a new challenge: energy-efficient smart lighting. The result was our Smarter Series lineup—the perfect fusion of human-centric product design, emerging lighting technology, and our own blend of conscious capitalism.

What’s Next at Nanoleaf

Flying toasters with predictive algorithms to asymmetrically generate better breakfast decisions, alongside embedded quantum dot LED lighting. And sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads, man. Seriously. Okay, you’re right, we’re just kidding. Or are we?

Either way, check out our product roadmap to see what’s around the corner.