Design Philosophy

It Starts with ‘Why’.

Humans have been creating light for millennia. Long before electrons were harnessed to create electricity, we lit caves with fire. Hovels with torches, castles with lanterns, and homes with candles. Design decisions for these tools were made with the objective of containing an open flame, not creating the best light for the person using it. Even the Edison bulb was designed to handle high heat—light is just a side effect of heating a metal filament.

Humans don’t need to play with fire to create light anymore. So, we started to ask a very simple question:


Human-Centric Design Process

The people using our products are at the center of our design process. Since we’re no longer constrained by the need to contain fire, why shouldn’t they be? Our products are created using a participatory design approach, and we beta test with end users during prototyping as a matter of habit. This results in the focus of our efforts being placed on answering the question ‘what will people want and need?’ instead of ‘can we fit this into a screw-fixture?’

The Bottom Line

Our goal is to create advanced lighting products that noticeably make your life more enjoyable, yet are so simple to use that you barely notice operating them. We design lighting products for what you want in your life. Not what we think you might want. Or what we think you might be able to use. We call that Smarter by Design, and it’s at the center of everything Nanoleaf.

Design Showcase

Learn more about the design work that we’re most proud of—the design work that came from thinking with a purpose: origami-inspired lightbulbs.

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