Nanoleaf One Mini

Nanoleaf One Mini

The Fun-Sized Nanoleaf One

What’s better than an astounding amount of energy-efficiency in a recyclable, folded PCB bulb that can’t help but be an eyeball magnet? The same thing in a smaller package that’s also dimmable in standard dimmer switches.

If you want ultra energy efficiency, trailblazing design, and dimmability in your LED light, this bulb’s for you.

Trailblazing Dodecahedron Design

If you want trailblazing design and dimmable LED light, this bulb’s for you.

Gorgeous, Uniform Light

11 sides. 11 custom-engineered LEDs. 360° uniform light.

Extra-Long Lifespan

Quality components. Smarter design. Up to 27 years of lighting bliss.

Save Serious Money

What would you do with the $275 each bulb will save you?