Looking for a piece of wall art that doubles as lighting for your home?

You’re in luck. The Nanoleaf Light Panels, launched by Canadian smart-lighting startup Nanoleaf, is a set of smart LED panels designed to go on your wall.

The panels are triangular (about 9″ on each side), and can be connected to basically make any shape or design you want. Nine come in a set, and you can buy packs of three more to create more intricate designs. They are connected by a small “chip” that literally connects the two together. Since they connect together only the first panel needs to be plugged into the wall.

Each panel can essentially be lit up with any color on the color wheel, meaning there are millions of different shades you can pick. And once connected each panel can show their own color, all light up with the same shade, or “play” animated scenes – like colors mimicking a sunrise or waterfall.

The light panels are controlled by an iPhone and Android app, which is pretty smart. Once paired it will automatically identify what layout you arranged your panels in and mimic that on your phone.


Feature on TechCrunch.