9to5Mac: Review – Nanoleaf’s Smart Light Panels Match Modular Customization with HomeKit Control

December 30, 2016

9to5Mac reviews the Nanoleaf Aurora modular smart light.

“I’ve tried a few different HomeKit lighting solutions but nothing quite like Nanoleaf’s Light Panels smart lighting panels. These modular tiles probably won’t replace traditional lamps or ceiling bulbs, but the customizable LED lights provide visually impressive colorful (and pricey) accent lighting. See it in action below:

Nanoleaf’s Light Panels retail for $199 for a starter kit that includes nine panels, nine linkers, the HomeKit-compatible controller, 28 3M mounting strips, and the power supply. That’s comparable in price to the Philips Hue smart lighting system which includes three color-changing A19 LED bulbs and a HomeKit-compatible bridge, but the novelty of light panels is unmatched by any other HomeKit lighting solution on the market.”



The Nanoleaf Light Panels were formerly called the Nanoleaf Aurora.

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