MacRumors: CES 2017 – The Best Apple Related Accessories

January 6, 2017

MacRumors picks the Nanoleaf Aurora as one of the top Apple accessories at CES 2017.

“Apple may not take part in the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but the event is still filled with all kinds of Apple-related accessories from third-party vendors. Some aren’t so great or are the same old thing, but others are novel, fun, and bring something new to the table.

For this video, we spent a couple of days exploring the show floor to find some of the best Apple accessories of CES 2017.

Nanoleaf displayed its colorful array of Light Panels. These HomeKit-enabled Lights can be displayed on a wall and each individual light can be controlled through the Nanoleaf app. Nanoleaf also demoed the new Nanoleaf Rhythm sound sensor that allows the lights to react to music and sound.”



The Nanoleaf Light Panels were formerly called the Nanoleaf Aurora.

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