MobileSyrup: Toronto-Based Nanoleaf’s Modular Light Panels will Trip You Out

January 17, 2017

MobileSyrup reviews the Nanoleaf Aurora modular smart light.

“I’m a huge fan of smart home products, particularly lights, and especially when they’re a little quirky.

For example, every smart light bulb in my home is a colourful Philips Hue light bulb, controlled by an Amazon Echo I managed to get my hands on courtesy of a friend that lives in the U.S. (here’s hoping the Echo finally comes to Canada soon).

So when Toronto-based Nanoleaf, one of the industry’s premiere smart bulb manufacturers, reached out to MobileSyrup asking if we were interested in checking out its recently release Light Panels modular lighting system, I jumped at the opportunity. Unlike traditional smart home light bulb products, Nanoleaf places an emphasis on fun and customization with their light panels, allowing users to create different lighting setups and designs.”



The Nanoleaf Light Panels were formerly called the Nanoleaf Aurora.

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