MacRumors reviews the Nanoleaf Aurora modular smart light.:

Nanoleaf started out in 2013 as small company offering a Kickstarter project for an energy efficient light bulb, which led to the launch of the HomeKit-enabled Nanoleaf Smarter Kit, a set of three standard-style bulbs connected by a hub.

Nanoleaf’s first HomeKit accessory worked well but was rather ordinary, something that can’t be said about its newest product, the¬†Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit. Inspired by the aurora borealis phenomena, the Light Panels are like no other HomeKit product — or lighting product — on the market.

Priced at $199, the Light Panels Smarter Kit is a set of modular mood lights that can be arranged in hundreds of ways. Each triangle-shaped light can be set to a different color using the Nanoleaf app, and movement patterns are used to create a dynamic lighting setup that’s essentially interactive art.


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Published by Leslie Chen on January 27, 2017.