CNET: Light Panels, Meet Alexa – Nanoleaf Gets New Amazon Echo Controls

January 30, 2017

CNET announces Nanoleaf's new Amazon Alexa integration.

“‘Alexa, turn the wall on.’

Saying that sentence out loud while alone at home might have made you seem like a crazy person just a few years ago, but times have changed. These days, voice-activated smart home controls are more popular than ever, and it’s largely thanks to the meteoric rise of the Amazon Echo smart speaker, and of Alexa, the voice-activated AI assistant housed inside.

More and more gadgets and services are continuing to climb aboard Alexa’s bandwagon (we saw dozens of new additions at CES alone). One of the latest is Nanoleaf, a smart lighting startup that’s probably best known at this point for its triangular, color-changing “Light Panels” LED wall panels. With the new Alexa controls, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to turn those panels on and off or dim them up and down, or tell her to turn on a preconfigured lighting scene — something like, ‘Alexa, turn on party mode,’ for instance.”



The Nanoleaf Light Panels were formerly called the Nanoleaf Aurora.

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