My Aurora Corner: Coloring Away the Winter Blues

Leslie’s Story

I thought I’d start the ‘My Aurora Corner’ with my own story. Pleased to meet you, my name’s Leslie, and I’m the PR & Communications Leaf here at Nanoleaf HQ (we like to think of our team members and supporters as fellow Leafs – yes, kind of like Justin’s Beliebers…but better). Living in Toronto, Canada, with all the pretty snow and not so pretty lack of light, I’ve been weathering the current Winter time darkness with my Aurora.

I was trying to find a way to brighten up my space without committing to one setup, so I decided to put the Aurora on my living room’s coffee table. Most people set it up on the wall, but that’s the beauty of this thing – there really are no rules! My favorite part of the Aurora is definitely the color and modularity, being able to design and redesign at any moment’s notice. It really lets you be spontaneous (and dare I say non-committal) which seems to be increasingly necessary in today’s generation.

Winters in Toronto can get pretty gloomy, so I set up the Aurora for some much needed color in my living room. I like to sit by the window when I’m on my computer, but even then I’ll look outside and everything will be covered in snow…and the sun is nowhere to be found.

I initially setup the Aurora to brighten up the room, but I quickly found out how much it brightened up my mood as well. I’ll have the Aurora on for a few minutes, and already I feel so much better. The winter blues is a real thing. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life but never experienced it until now. I’ve realized just how much of an impact color and light have on my everyday life. For now, I’ll thank these pretty little panels for getting me through winter as I dream of summer.

Name: Leslie Chen

Location: Toronto, ON

Favorite Aurora Scene: Northern Lights

Guilty Pleasure – I’ve gotten into the habit of buying lattes almost every day. It’s a small “treat yourself” gift to myself, but totally unnecessary!

Confession – I never watched The Lion King until I was in my 20s.

Super power you wish you had – Teleporting. Imagine traveling all over the world without any restrictions.

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Published by Leslie Chen on March 15, 2017.