Android Central: Review – The Coolest Lights on the Whole Damn Planet

March 17, 2017

Android Central calls the Nanoleaf Aurora the coolest lights on the planet.

“It turns out the smart lights I’ve wanted all along aren’t lightbulb shaped.

I’ve been thoroughly invested in smart lighting for a while now. Several rooms in my house have been fully converted, fully connected to Google Home for voice control, and so far I’m pretty happy with the setup. Smart lighting is absolutely the way forward for me, especially as costs come down and more options become available. Combining convenience with a familiar form factor is exactly what I thought I wanted, but these new lights from Nanoleaf have me questioning that last part.

Instead of making another lightbulb with smarts, the Nanoleaf Light Panels are a modular solution that makes the lights part of the decor. It sounds a little crazy, and has a price tag to match, but these lights are seriously changing how I think about smart lighting in my home.”



The Nanoleaf Light Panels were formerly called the Nanoleaf Aurora.

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