Lighting Up Business

Time is money. So is electricity, and lighting, and the maintenance to service that lighting. We get that. Our range of commercial products were designed to lower energy and maintenance costs over traditional lighting solutions so the payback to your budget is delivered quicker.

Retail Resellers

Lighting doesn’t have to be a commodity. Our range of consumer and commercial lighting products is designed to offer unique value to your customers, backed by the marketing support of our team.

Commercial Lighting

Make your public areas look great with our lineup of commercial lighting products. Ps, you’ll save a tonne of money in the process.

Distributor Resellers

Interested in adding our products to your catalogue? We’ll work with you to help secure placement with your customers, alongside margins that will make you smile.

Industrial Lighting

Low bay, open bay, exterior, line lighting. Our industrial lighting solutions are designed to reduce energy and cooling costs and shorten return on investment timelines for your facility.

Hospitality Lighting

Making people feel comfortable is what the hospitality business is all about. Whether its an open hotel lounge bar, or a cozy table for two, our professional line of bulbs will make your guests feel warm and welcomed.


Shop Owners

When it comes to making products looks their best on retail shelves, nothing is more important than lighting. Our Classic Series products give retail merchandise a crisp, sharp, and vivid punch thanks to their exceptionally high CRI rating.

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Want to learn more about our lineup of exceptional lighting products? Contact our channel sales team today!

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