Smarter Series

Connected LED Lighting Products

The Nanoleaf Smarter Series includes all of our innovative, connected LED lighting products. Whether you want purely brilliant white or color-changing light, we’ve got a bulb (or a panel) for you. Smarter Series products come in both Zigbee and WiFi versions with support for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

Your smart bulbs get controlled your way with your devices. If only all connected lighting was that seamless.

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Classic Series

Ultra-Efficient LED Lightbulbs

The Nanoleaf Classic Series includes all of our non-connected products. If you’re looking for an ultra-efficient LED light bulb with intriguing visual design and innovative features, look no further. Our range of lighting products everything from chandelier candelabras to narrow-angle spotlights. We even created a new design twist for old faithful. Best of all? Cost to operate can be as little as $0.60 per year.

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Our Story

Tom’s Garage to Shenzhen, China

The story of Nanoleaf is constantly evolving, with new pages added every day. We began as a fledgling hardware startup working out of a garage on weekends, but our passion for creation grew into something far bigger.

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For Owners

Proud Owner of a Nanoleaf Product?

Thank you! We’re ever grateful for your support. Creating great products that change how we interact with our surroundings and light our lives is a whole lot easier when people like you believe in what we do. In turn, we’re here for you. Browse through our selection of manuals, videos, support resources, and great looking bulbs at your leisure.

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Visit our online store to browse images, videos, and read reviews about our products. It’s now easier than ever to shop Nanoleaf from the comfort of your own home, safely and securely.

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