Nanoleaf Lamp

Nanoleaf Lamp

Simple. Stylish. Sustainable.

You asked for a stylish lamp base to complement your stylish Nanoleaf bulbs, and we said… well we don’t really do that… but why not? We like challenges. This beauty uses wood from responsibly-harvested forests for the base, and a reinforced-fabric sheath to keep the power cord flexible for decades to come.

If your bulbs want to look great naked, this lamp’s for you.

Be There AND Be Square

The angular corners of the square base perfectly complement the sleek lines of our dodecahedron bulbs.

Get Guilt-Free Bending

Bend the power cord. Tie it in knots. Tug on it. The reinforced fabric sheath will keep it going strong for years to come.

Bountiful Beech Base

Not only is it beautiful—it came from a responsibly-harvested beech grove right here on planet Earth.