Nanoleaf Pendant

Nanoleaf Pendant

Sleekly Suspended Light

Sometimes, you want your light to just hang out and do its thing. That’s why we created the Nanoleaf Pendant—to let your naked Nanoleaf bulbs shine. The Nanoleaf pendant was designed to get out of the way so you can proudly display the next best thing since, well, LEDs.

If your bulbs want to look great naked, this pendant’s for you.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Unlike that silly monarch, the Nanoleaf Pendant actually supports your Nanoleaf bulbs. It just doesn’t steal the show while doing it.

A Flick of the Thumb

The standard Nanoleaf pendant features a simple binary power control and comes in either brass or gunmetal finish. Flip it on, flip it off—it just works (and looks great).

Dial it Up, Dim it Down

Great looks and the reliable dimmer switch that you crave. Works especially well with the Nanoleaf Gem, PAR38, and One Mini. Because they’re dimmable, yo.