Nanoleaf Bloom

Nanoleaf Bloom

The Dimmer-Free Dimming Lightbulb

Dimmable light is both functional and beautiful, but LED lightbulbs and dimmer switches don’t always get along. That’s why we created the Nanoleaf Bloom, with our exclusive Dim+ Technology. Now, you can dim the lights without installing dimmer switches throughout your home.

If you want hassle-free dimmable light, this bulb is for you.

Bloom Black On

Exclusive Dim+ Technology

You choose the brightness of your light, no special switches required.

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No More Nightlights

Activate Night Mode by lifting a finger. Literally.

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Gorgeous, Uniform Light

11 sides. 33 custom-engineered LEDs. 360° uniform light.

Extra-Long Lifespan

Quality components. Smarter design. Up to 27 years of lighting bliss.

Long Life EDITED

Save Serious Money

What would you do with the $275 each bulb will save you?

Money savings