for Nanoleaf Light Panels

Screw Mount Kit
for Nanoleaf Light Panels

Perfect for mounting your Light Panels to uneven or porous surfaces where the included double-sided tape is unsuitable.

Securely mount on ceilings

Mount on uneven surfaces

4x Flex Linkers included

Flex Linkers
for Nanoleaf Light Panels

Extend your creative possibilities even further! Use the Flex Linkers to bend your design around corners or create depth.

Bend design around a corner

Folds up to 180 degrees

Twists up to 30 degrees

Nanoleaf Remote

The Nanoleaf Remote is a sleek, dodecahedron-inspired remote designed to enhance the smarter home experience for Nanoleaf and third party Homekit products. It’s shortcuts for the smart home.

Brighten or dim by rotating

Map multiple devices to each side