Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

IFTTT Integration


Connect your Nanoleaf Smarter Series to react with things like the weather, your location, message alerts and more. 

Bring a splash of light and color to your favorite Applets! With this service, you can control your Nanoleaf Smart Lights via IFTTT.

"Turn off my Nanoleaf lights when I leave home"

Use your device location to automatically turn off your Nanoleaf lights.

"Nanoleaf Light Alarm”

Set your Nanoleaf Lights to turn on and wake you up.“

Event Reminder

Remind me when a calendar event is starting soon.
Never forget an important date again!

How do I Connect to Alexa?

Download or create your own curated Playlist of Scenes for any occasion.

Stay in the zone with a “Work From Home” Playlist or get a mood going with something more “Romantic”!

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