Nanoleaf + IFTTT

Automate everything. The If-This-Then-That platform connects web services and hardware together with applets, allowing you to combine your favourite products together. The Light Panels and Smart Ivy are compatible with IFTTT.

About IFTTT Applets

An image showcasing some of the IFTTT applets available for the Nanoleaf Aurora by default.

“Applets can do everything that Recipes could—and much more. They bring your services together, creating new experiences that you can unlock with a single switch. A house that welcomes you, an efficient workplace, an easier way to stay informed—there are thousands of experiences to choose from, or you can create your own.”

from: IFTTT

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Try these Colors

You can use either the keyword (like “Red”) or the HEX code (like “#ff0000”).

An image showing color swatches to use with the IFTTT service.

Pick a Color

Wanna unleash your inner designer? Use the color picker to find the HEX code of your dreams.