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Congratulations on becoming an official owner of the Nanoleaf Remote. You can now fully customize what you want the Remote to do within the Nanoleaf app, the possibilities are endless. Thank you for your support, you brighten our day like Nanoleaf brightens the world!

Product Overview
  • Effortless Control
  • Easy Setup
  • Rotation Control
  • Long Lifetime
  • Smart Home Shortcuts


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Pairing the Remote



(Android and iOS) To control the Light Panels using brightness and side changes, the Light Panels must have an attached Rhythm. Light Panels must have version 2.3.0 or higher.


(iOS only) To control any HomeKit devices (including the Light Panels), the user must have a HomeKit Home Hub. HomeKit integration requires iOS 11.3 or higher; Apple TV 4th Gen+ and/or iPad with BLE 4.0 (newer than iPad 2) and/or Home Pod.


This positioning can be changed after your setup has been completed. An additional controller and power supply is required for every additional 30 panels.

Pairing for iOS

To pair with the Nanoleaf Remote in iOS, make sure the Remote lights up when you pick it up and rotate it. Open the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App and follow the in-app prompts.

Pairing for Android

To pair with Android, you will need the Nanoleaf Light Panels with Rhythm sound module. Make sure the Remote lights up when you pick it up and rotate it. Press the button on the Rhythm until it starts flashing. Hold the Remote close to the Rhythm. When pairing completes, the Rhythm will flash green.

Pairing One Remote to Multiple Controllers

You can pair the Remote to multiple Nanoleaf Light Panel controllers using the same pairing method mentioned under Android Users, as long as there is also a Rhythm module attached to the panels.

Setup without an iOS or Android device


Light Panels must have version 2.3.0 or higher and the Rhythm plugged in.


Press and hold the Rhythm button until LED flashes blue.


Hold Remote in close proximity to the Rhythm.


Wait for Rhythm to flash green.

Default configuration:


Side 1 = ON


Side 2-6 = Light Panels color scenes


Side 7-11 = Light Panels Rhythm scenes


Side 12 = OFF

Downloading the App

The Nanoleaf Remote uses the same Nanoleaf Smarter Series app as the Nanoleaf Light Panels. If you haven’t already, please download the app here:



How to Close the Remote

Align the dash on side 6 with side 7, and side 3 with side 9. Firmly press the halves together.

Program and Use

Open the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App, and go to the Remote section to start configuring different sides to different scenes. To activate a programmed side of the Remote, rotate that side to the top.

How to Open

If you need to open the remote to reset or to replace batteries:

How to Install Batteries


Ensure the batteries are inserted properly and the Remote lights up when you rotate it.


The Remote wil light up when the batteries are inserted correctly.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2

Problem & Solutions

Having Trouble?

Things to check:


Ensure the batteries are inserted properly and the Remote lights up when you rotate it.


Ensure the Remote changes color when you rotate it. If you are experiencing issues:


Try turning the Remote off and on again by opening/closing the battery cover. (you’ll need to open the Remote to do this.)


Try resetting and re-pairing the Remote after using a pin/needle to press the reset button on the battery housing.