Nanoleaf Smart Lighting



Combining the brilliant colors of the Nanoleaf Canvas and Light Panels with Razer Synapse in the Chroma ecosystem, the integration creates real-time lighting effects, offers touch controls for in-game activities and syncs lighting effects across your devices.

Feel Like You’re in the Game

Experience dynamic real time lighting effects when playing your favorite games.

With everything from event based flashes and explosions to instant notifications when a spell is ready to fire.

Multiple Commands In One Action

The Nanoleaf Canvas’ unique touch controls let you customize an infinite number of commands.

Touch a Canvas square to perform any task ranging from simple keybinds to start games or programs to complex macros for more detailed execution.

7 Unique Lighting Effects

Like magic, your desk setup is transformed from a static layout to a fully ambient battlestation bathed with dynamic color and light reacting intuitively to your game play. 

Try Breathing effect to see the light fade in and out of the selected color(s).

Easy To Set Up

For the Nanoleaf x Razer Chroma RGB integration, you’ll need your Nanoleaf Canvas or Light Panels and Razer Chroma gear (keyboards, mice and mouse pads). 

Once the lights have been paired to a device, simply follow the Synapse software setup on Razer’s website. 


If you have Razer Synapse: 

Update to firmware 1.3


Download How-To PDF here:


Best unique lighting effect

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