Take Your Game To The Next Level

Like magic, your desk setup is transformed from a static layout to a fully ambient battlestation bathed with dynamic color and light. With Nanoleaf Canvas or Nanoleaf Light Panels, watch as your game comes to life, moving beyond the screen and onto your entire lighting and desk setup.

Ultimate Gaming And Productivity Setup

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Top Gaming PC Build With A Magic-like Light

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Building A Clean But Bold Gaming Station

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Isn't This A Dream Setup? Custom Built Room For Gaming, Productivity, Collection, and Inspiration


Stunning Setup With A Perfect Combination Of Canvas Squares and Light Panels!


An Ultimate Gaming / Home-Theater Battle Room


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Win a Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit + Remote!

Tell us what your dream entertainment space would look like? And how Nanoleaf lights would enhance it? Each entrant will receive a 10% off discount coupon for the Nanoleaf Shop. The contest ends on October 27th, 2019.

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The Big Design Kit


$12 per panel

The Big Design Kit


$12 per panel

The Big Design Kit


$12 per panel

Nanoleaf @ NY Fashion Week

You Won't Believe These Pumps

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