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July 25, 2019


Connected devices aim to make our life easier, more convenient and let us personalize our spaces. 

The Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas help to create the right ambiance at home depending on your mood or the time of the day. With easy control options including our App, voice control, touch and manual buttons, the choice is yours. 

With a smart hub, you can even integrate your Nanoleaf products with other smart devices in your home. Smart hubs work like a centralized “brain” for your entire smart home allowing you to control your connected products and smart services all in one place. 

The Nanoleaf products are compatible with several different smart hubs:

Google Nest Hub:

Google Nest Hub is a smart hub with a touch screen that allows you to view and control your connected devices from a single dashboard and via voice with built-in Google Assistant. If your friends are coming over for a party, you can say “Okay Google, set my lights to party night” and watch your Nanoleaf lights dance to your music to create a colorful ambiance.

Apple HomeKit Hubs (iPod, Apple TV, iPad):

Apple HomeKit is a platform for iOS users. With an Apple HomeKit Hub, you can control your HomeKit accessories and use the Siri voice assistant that’s built into an iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and the HomePod. To set the mood for movie night, you can create a “Movie Time“ scene with perfect colors, brightness and dynamic effects. Ask Siri to turn it on and voila, you’re all set.

The Nanoleaf Remote controls your Nanoleaf lights as well as other HomeKit products in your ecosystem. Use the Remote to activate any of your HomeKit Scenes and group any compatible devices. For example, The “Work in Focus Time“ scene can be configured as side 3 of your Nanoleaf Remote. Just flip the Remote to that side and everything will turn on at once. You can also turn the Remote (clockwise/counter-clockwise) to adjust brightness.

Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo is a voice-activated smart speaker connected with the Alexa virtual assistant. Alexa can answer your questions and control your smart home devices, all using voice. If you are in a reading mood you can say: Alexa, set my lights to “Reading Light” and have the room perfectly lit for your favorite novel. 


IFTTT, an acronym for «If This, Then That» is a web app that automates tasks by connecting apps, devices and services. There are numerous ways you can connect all your services – and the result combinations are called “Applets”. Applets essentially help to automate your daily activities, whether it’s managing smart home devices or apps and websites. So, for instance, you could use IFTTT to automatically turn on your Nanoleaf lights when you arrive home or flash a certain color when an email comes in. See more here:

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Conrad Connect:

Conrad Connect is a web platform that connects your smart devices and apps allowing you to manage all the data from one place and to enhance your smart home experience. The connection between smart devices and apps is called Project and you can create different projects or use the existing ones shared by the community. You can connect your Nanoleaf Light Panels with Google Calendar so when an event is within 15 minutes – your Nanoleaf Light Panels will change the color to yellow.


Homey is a smart hub that combines all of your smart devices into one single place. It provides control, automation and monitoring.

You can create a relaxing ambiance by lowering the blinds, playing your favorite music and watching the lights sway along to the music. You can also schedule your lights to automatically wake you up at sunrise and turn on your smart coffee machine so everything’s ready even before you get to the kitchen.

When it comes to smart control, Nanoleaf works with a wide range of devices for the most complete and personal smart home experience.  

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