When Music Becomes a Beautiful Performance of Color and Light

August 12, 2019

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Music, in all its forms, has a magical effect on our bodies, minds and souls. At Nanoleaf, we constantly meet talented and inspiring artists who use our lights to enhance their music experience. Let’s meet Ray: guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Rome, Italy. 

Ray started playing the guitar at the age of 13, looking for a way to express himself, to create something positive and meaningful. Inspired by the rock band Linkin Park, Ray started to write his own songs and create his own music. 

During the past two years, Ray began building up his YouTube channel, sharing his love of music with people from all around the world. He started off with covers of his favorite songs to test the waters and quickly began building a fan base that gave him the confidence to post his original songs.  He was amazed by the response and support he received.

A few months ago, Ray wanted to completely change the look of his music studio to push his creativity to the fullest.

“When I saw the Nanoleaf Light Panels I immediately thought: I really need those in my studio, they’re so unique!” – Ray

What Ray likes most about the Nanoleaf Light Panels is the customized vibe they can create in a room: to play music, to write a new song or just to chill with friends. Every moment has its own mood and its own colors. 

“I think that in the music industry lighting and aesthetics in general are really important.” – Ray

Music can have a real impact on our emotions and mood, making us feel more relaxed, energetic, focused… and lighting can take that experience to the next level – making music the most immersive and impactful it can be. The Nanoleaf Light Panels and the Canvas Light Squares both sync to music in real-time, transforming your favorite songs into beautiful performances of color and light. 

Ray is working to release his first official music video of a song he wrote, called “1000 Miles Away.” Check out Ray’s songs on his social media and website:

Youtube: http://youtube.com/raymvsic 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/raymvsic 

Website: https://raymvsic.com


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