Nanoleaf Donates to the David Suzuki Foundation

July 28, 2019

Nanoleaf, creators of the modular smart light, is donating a portion of all sales this summer to the David Suzuki Foundation’s pollinator support program. The ‘Honey Harvest’ initiative will run from July 14th to August 17th, which means every single sale from the Nanoleaf Shop will make a difference.The company’s goal is to raise at least $10,000.

Bees Make Much, Much More Than Honey

Imagine life without basic fruits & vegetables. Produce like broccoli, carrots, potatoes, watermelon, apples (and many, many more) require pollinators in order to grow and arrive on our dinner tables. So what exactly are pollinators and why are they so important to our ecosystem? The term ‘pollinators’ include bees, insects, butterflies and small birds that play a vital role in our crop production. Much of what we eat can only grow when these pollinators carry pollen from plant to plant.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance that pollinators play in our everyday lives—it’s estimated that one out of three mouthfuls of food we eat is made possible by pollinators.

What’s Harming Pollinators?

Urbanization and pollinator de-habitation combined with an increase in pesticide use are all harmful factors affecting these natural ecosystems. As a growing population, it’s clear that wehave a lot of work to do in making more conscious decisions; we have yet to realize just how our actions affect natural habitats and their ecosystems.

With the David Suzuki Foundation’s pollinator support program, we can help to reverse this trend of pollinator decline, helping to create more sustainable habitats and push for policy change that will have a real long-lasting impact.

How We’re Helping

“We’re a small company, with a team of 60, and while traditional business wisdom would tell us to focus on sales until we’re a corporation with the means to give back in spades, our philosophy is a little bit different,” states Nanoleaf’s CEO & Co-Founder, Gimmy Chu. “We want to give back to our communities along the way, at every stage of our growth.”

“We created this initiative because the environmental issue at its root is one that our team cares deeply about, and that all people should care about. We all need food, after all—each and every one of us. And rather than just consuming, we need to be more thoughtful of where our food comes from and respect those natural processes.”

• Nanoleaf is donating a portion of every sale on The Nanoleaf Shop to the David Suzuki Foundation’s pollinator support program.
• $1 donated from every Nanoleaf Shop order placed between July 14th and August 17th, from anywhere in the world.
• $5 donated from the sale of every limited edition, reusable Nanoleaf Tote bag.
• $50 donated from the sale of every limited edition design kit, created especially for The HoneyHarvest campaign by our team.
• Customers also have the option to donate to a local environmental charity of their choice, in exchange for Nanoleaf Perks points redeemable on the Nanoleaf Shop for discounts.

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