Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Control your lighting with your voice. Nanoleaf products can easily integrate with your Google Assistant!


“Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”

“Turn on/off the lights in [Room Name].”

“Turn on/off all my lights.”

“Turn off [Device Name].”

“Brighten/dim [Device Name].”

“Brighten/dim the lights in [Room Name].”

“Brighten/dim all my lights.”

“Set [Device Name] to [%].”

“Set [Device Name] to [Color].”

Create a Scene for every mood in the Google Home App.

Say, “Hey Google, Good Night” to turn off your lights, lower your smart blinds and set the thermostat to your ideal temperature.


Easy To Set Up

For the Nanoleaf x Razer Chroma RGB integration, you’ll need your Nanoleaf Canvas or Light Panels and Razer Chroma gear (keyboards, mice and mouse pads). 

Once the lights have been paired to a device, simply follow the Synapse software setup on Razer’s website. 


If you have Razer Synapse:
Update to firmware 1.3

Download How-To PDF here:


Best unique lighting effect

Can we use their products in our renders?

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