Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

IFTTT Integration


Connect your Nanoleaf Smarter Series to react with things like the weather, your location, message alerts and more. 

Bring a splash of light and color to your favorite Applets! With this service, you can control your Nanoleaf Smart Lights via IFTTT.

"Turn off my Nanoleaf lights when I leave home"

Use your device location to automatically turn off your Nanoleaf lights.

"Nanoleaf Light Alarm”

Set your Nanoleaf Lights to turn on and wake you up.“

“Remind me when a calendar event is starting soon”

Never forget an important date again!

S6 Title

“Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”

“Turn off [Device Name].”

“Brighten/dim [Device Name].”

“Set [Device Name] to [%] brightness.

“Set [Device Name] to [Color].”

S7 Title

S7 Text 1

S7 Text 2

S7 Text 3