Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

Smart Things


Make your Smarter Kit smarter with Smart Things. Integrate your Things with Nanoleaf lights and experience your smart home like never before.

You can control your Nanoleaf Lights with Bixby.

Hi, Bixby…

“Run the Good Morning Scene in [Room Name]”

“Turn on the light”

“Change the light color to Blue”

“Turn on all lights at [Home Name]”

“Set my lights to 20 percent”

Smart Things App

Your Nanoleaf lights will turn on once the TV turns on.

If motion is detected from a motion sensor, the lights will turn on.

S6 Title

“Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”

“Turn off [Device Name].”

“Brighten/dim [Device Name].”

“Set [Device Name] to [%] brightness.

“Set [Device Name] to [Color].”

S7 Title

S7 Text 1

S7 Text 2

S7 Text 3