Origami-Inspired Lightbulbs

Unabashedly Unround.

To create the most energy efficient lightbulb in the world, we had to respectfully ignore the conventional and invent something decidedly not. The result is a striking form that was born from the most demanding function. The elongated dodecahedron shape and folded PCB construction challenge the conventional and questions even the most basic tenets of what a lightbulb should be.

We One

Aside from the press and customer craze, the design of the Nanoleaf One pulled in some prestigious recognition.

2015 Red Dot Award

Our Nanoleaf One and Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design award for design excellence, and we think they make a very sweet pair.

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2015 SEAD Global Efficiency Medal

Nanoleaf One has been honored with the Global Efficiency Medal from the SEAD—an expansive, 17-country sustainability organization—recognizing it as one of the most energy efficient bulbs in the world.

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