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Creating Wellness with Nanoleaf

June 2019

by Alona Sadovska

Your home is the place where you get ready for new adventures each morning and where you relieve all of your stress at the end of the day. It is a place where you sleep and eat, work out and relax. Lighting plays a crucial part in all of these activities, setting the right ambience and energy levels as you navigate your day.

With the Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas Light Squares you can create your own shapes and customize colors to fit what you’re doing. Paint your lights with vibrant colors to help energize your mornings or create your own wellness oasis right at home.

Color Your Calm

The Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas Light Squares are fully dimmable and color temperature adjustable (from cool white light to warm yellow tones) to suit what’s most comfortable for your eyes. At night, we suggest setting the lights to darker tones that mimic the natural setting sun to help with the natural flow of your circadian rhythm. Colors also have a significant influence on your overall well-being. Warm yellow and red tones create a cozy and welcoming ambience while green and blue hues can create feelings of tranquility.

The built-in music visualizer also lets you sync songs with the lights, so you can now put on your favorite soothing playlist and watch the lights sway along with the melodies for the utmost relaxation.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Purple has meditative and soporific effects. It’s a classic color for your bedroom if you’re trying to create a calm and pleasant ambience.

Be creative and design any shape that makes you happy. Create elaborate layouts or a minimalistic masterpiece on your wall, whatever fits your personal style.

Energize Your Practice

With the Nanoleaf App, you can set the perfect ambience for yoga, meditation or simply checking in with yourself. The Nanoleaf Remote is another convenient control option if you’re focused and don’t want to break your flow by reaching for your device.

Use the Schedules feature in the App to automate your lights with your yoga practice. Begin your session with the lights dimmed down and the room bathed in shades of warm white. As you progress towards your sun salutation, the room gradually lights up into the colors of the sun to match the rising energy. Then, as you wind down into savasana, the room gently flows from an energizing orange to a calm setting sun to help relax your mind.

Download two new Scenes from the Nanoleaf App created specifically to energize your practice: “Serene Sea” and “Beach Sunrise”.

With the Light Panels, yoga becomes a sensory journey personalized just for you. Want to get started with wellness-based lighting? Save 20% on The Nanoleaf Shop until June 12th at midnight. Click here to activate your discount and get shopping!

What is wellness for you?

Share your answer with us under the Giveaway Instagram post in the comments for a chance to win a Canvas Smarter Kit!

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