Nanoleaf Makeover | Courtney surprises her fiancé Adam

April 2019

by Alona Sadovska

Nanoleaf Makeover | Courtney surprises her fiancé Adam

April 2019

by Alona Sadovska

Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to boost your mood, energy levels and overall happiness. Our customers use Nanoleaf products to redecorate a space, but most importantly, to elevate how they feel in that space – transforming it into a place for playfulness, comfort, entertainment, relaxing, whatever that may be.

With the right light, your space becomes much more personal to you.

Our approach to lighting is to see it as more than just a functional piece in a room, but rather something that adds new life while being a standalone piece of art. As part of our ‘Nanoleaf Makeover’ series, we’ve been invited into three different homes to help transform their lighting and elevate how they love their spaces.

Courtney and Adam just celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2018. This spring they decided to move to a new place and are in the process of making their space cozy yet vibrant and inspiring.

Adam is a Toronto based portrait and editorial photographer, who’s known for his ‘Couch Series.’ A creative photo project portraying eccentric characters, their spaces and the items that make their place one-of-a-kind.

“I have spent a large part of my life traveling the world and immersing myself in different cultures and capturing these experiences through my lens.” – Adam

Courtney knows that it’s not that easy to surprise Adam, he is usually the one who comes up with big ideas. This January Adam made something exceptional on her birthday. He sent Courtney on a scavenger hunt around Toronto that ended in the place where they had their first date… and now, the spot where he got down on one knee and proposed.

Courtney has since been wanting to surprise Adam with something just as special and personal to him. Teaming up with Nanoleaf, Courtney uses the Canvas to create a personalized design to help make their home a unique space that will help to inspire Adam’s photography.

Let’s see how Adam reacted to his Nanoleaf surprise makeover!

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