The Workspace Wonderland of Absolute 47

December 17, 2019

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Nanoleaf is made up of creative thinkers coming together to create products that deliver a unique experience to everyone that uses them. This is why when we came across Absolute 47 – a company that uses Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas in their venues – you could say we were Absolute-ly intrigued (ok, we promise we won’t do that again).

Absolute 47 is a company that offers unique shared-working spaces with a twist; each room has a different concept and aesthetic, and a completely different vibe. The idea behind their company is to “provide an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity through shared space and experience”. They do this by designing their spaces to not only be distinct from one another, but “from anything else out there”.

Each space is thoughtfully designed and curated to suit a specific purpose:

Their Work Fusion venue was built, as the name suggests, to fuse work and play together for corporate groups looking to escape from the routine. This provides an off-site retreat of sorts, stimulating a creative headspace while still facilitating productivity. Space features 30 Light Panels that add to its playful nature, providing a sense of wonder along with additional functional lighting for the nearby seating area.

Their A47 Create venue, on the other hand, was designed for crafters and DIY enthusiasts to thrive and to have an extra dose of inspiration added to their workflow. The 45 vibrant Canvas squares give this space a futuristic tech aesthetic, while still maintaining that whimsical feeling.

Both spaces are decorated with bright and vibrant colors, and utilize the Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas as a focal element that takes the space to the next level. Creating not only an environment but an experience that stands apart from the rest is what fuels Absolute 47. With their vision of collaboration and creativity, their spaces will continue to inspire patrons long after their visit.

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