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Illuminate your life, your way.

Image of the Nanoleaf Auroro logo, the world's first colour changing connected home LED light panels.

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The Aurora Story

Nanoleaf is continuously redefining the experience of lighting. Manufacturers are creating new smart lighting products every day—but they’re designing for fixtures and apps, not for the human soul. We create exquisite lighting that seamlessly blends human-centred design with exceptional energy efficiency. We believe that living more sustainably shouldn’t involve compromise—and the each product we create is an extension of that philosophy.

Most people think that lighting has one basic function: to light up a room. But light has a surprising impact on us: it plays a major role in our sense of self and affects everything from energy levels and appetite to focus and happiness. Our Smarter Series allows you to control colour, brightness, and light motion through our intuitive iOS and Android* apps. By taking control of the light in your home, you can improve the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

* Nanoleaf Android app slated for release in the spring of 2016.

If you love minimalism and simplicity, Aurora is for you.

The Aurora features an aesthetically-pleasing triangular design and is outfitted with color-changing LED panels that are lightweight and modular. Those interested in biohacking and the quantified self movement will be right at home experimenting with the Aurora to fine-tune their natural circadian rhythm. Custom programs can be created through our iOS app via standard home automation protocols, and panels can be mounted on any flat surface with double-sided tape.

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