Nanoleaf Canvas Setup Guide

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2 year manufacturer’s warranty against hardware defects. Register to get a copy back by email.

Getting Started

What’s in the Box?

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit:

  • 1x Control Square
  • 8x Light Squares
  • 9x Canvas Linkers
  • 28x Mounting Tape
  • 1x Power Supply Unit (25W, 110vac ~ 240vac)

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack:

  • 4x Light Squares
  • 4x Canvas Linkers
  • 12x Mounting Tape

Design a Layout

Start off by setting up your Nanoleaf Canvas on a table or other flat surface so you can decide on a design before mounting the Light Squares with the included tape. Need some inspiration? Check out our Instagram feed.

How to Pair to your Light Squares

If you want to use the app-enhanced features of the Nanoleaf Canvas, follow these steps. Using the app is optional, the Canvas can also be operated via the buttons on the Control Square.

  1. Connect the Control Square to power and wait for it to boot up (it will start changing colors).
  2. Download the Nanoleaf iOS App or Android App.
  3. Open the App and follow the on-screen configuration instructions.
  4. Add a new Device from More >> Devices
  5. Select Canvas from the list of products and tap ‘Start Pairing’
  6. Select your Canvas from the list (it will be called ‘Canvas’, followed by a combination of four numbers and/or letters).
  7. Select your WiFi network (it must be a 2.4Ghz network for the Canvas to function properly).
  8. Enter your WiFi network’s password and wait for the connection to complete.
  9. If NFC is enabled on your phone, hold the back of your phone against the front of the Control Square and slide the phone up and down until the pairing code appears on the screen (some phones will also vibrate once to confirm an NFC connection).
    1. If NFC isn’t enabled or you’d prefer to type in the pairing code, it can be found on the back of the Control Square or the front of the manual in the format XXX-XX-XXX or XXXX-XXXX.
  10. Name your Canvas. It can be anything you’d like (this is how your Canvas will appear in the app).
  11. Follow the on-screen instructions to match your Control Square’s orientation in the app with what you see in front of you. Don’t worry, you can adjust the orientation later if needed.

How to Mount Your Light Squares

After you’ve decided on a design for your Nanoleaf Canvas, it’s time to mount the Light Squares. We suggest using a level to make sure the first square is straight =)

  1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface to remove dust and debris, and let dry if a cleaning solution was used.
  2. Add three pieces of mounting tape to the rear of the Control Square, as marked in the diagram.
  3. Peel the backing off the tape, then place the Control Square on the mounting surface and press firmly for 30 seconds.
  4. Connect the Control Square to power and wait for the boot up sequence to complete.
  5. Add additional Canvas Linkers and Light Squares one at a time, waiting for the panels to boot up (to ensure each panel is working correctly before you connect the next). Use three pieces of mounting tape per square, and hold firmly for 30 seconds each while mounting new Light Squares.

IMPORTANT: the mounting tape WILL NOT work properly on ceilings or porous surfaces like brick. For installations on these surfaces, the Nanoleaf Canvas Mounting Grid is recommended (coming early 2019).

How to Use the Control Square

Rhythm Mode: Press to toggle the music visualization mode on or off. Button remains lit while active.

Shuffle Scene: Press to shuffle randomly through the pre-set Scenes. Press and hold to go back to the previous Scene (up to the last five you’ve viewed).

Cycle Scene: Press to cycle through your saved Scenes.

Dim: Press to dim the Light Squares.

Brighten: Press to brighten the Light Squares.

Power: Press to toggle the Light Squares on or off.

Extend Your Light Squares

Interactive Motions

We’ve designed fun touch games for the Nanoleaf Canvas like “Whack-A-Mole” and “Simon”. You can download your set under the Discover tab.

Voice Control

You can control your Nanoleaf Canvas with Apple HomeKit / Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant / Google Home.

Learn more:


Nanoleaf Smarter Series products (including the Light Panels and Rhythm) are compatible with IFTTT. With Nanoleaf + IFTTT, you can extend the functionality of your Nanoleaf lights into your smarter home. For free, on iOS and Android.

Learn more:

Advanced Commands

Buttons Gesture Action

Hold for 3s

This opens a 30s window to pair a Nanoleaf Remote or third party App.

Hold for 3s

This saves the current Scene if it’s not already saved. This is most useful for saving Scenes you like when using the Shuffle Scene button.

Hold for 3s

Returns to the previous randomly selected Scene. Only the last 5 randomly loaded Scenes are available. A flash of yellow on the panels will indicate that you are at the end of your browsing history.

Tap together once

Activate White Lighting mode. Cycle through the following preset white light modes: Warm White (2700K), Reading Light (4000K), Daylight White (5000K).

Hold down together for 5s

Activate Power Diagnostic Mode: if you have more than 25 Light Squares connected to your Control Square, this enables or disables Power Diagnostic Mode. This mode helps you place additional power supplies to optimize your Nanoleaf Canvas system. See section 4.1 for details.

Hold down together for 30s

Activate WiFi Hotspot Mode: this mode allows your Control Square to act as a local network hotspot without an Internet connection. With this mode active, you can use the Nanoleaf App to operate your Nanoleaf Canvas without needing a router or access point. Note: Your Control Square will not be able to download firmware updates, and Discover content from the community will be unavailable.


Nanoleaf Canvas User Manual (US English)14 MARCH 2019Download
Nanoleaf Canvas User Manual (Japanese)14 MARCH 2019Download
Nanoleaf Canvas User Manual (Korean)29 MARCH 2019Download