Yup, it's a picture of a cloud. A metaphor for remote data storage and retrieval.

The Nanoleaf Cloud

Welcome to Smarter Connected Lighting

The Nanoleaf Cloud is the backbone for connected lighting products that are Smarter by Design. It enables everything from the Nanoleaf App to Alexa to IFTTT to advanced features for your Nanoleaf Light Panels and extending our products into your smart home.

An adorable cloud hanging out with its buddies.
An image of the Nanoleaf Aurora panels stacked beside an iPhone.

Nanoleaf Beta Program

Want to be a part of developing the next generation of smart lighting products? Sign up for the Nanoleaf Beta Program! You’ll earn Nanoleaf Perks Points, get early access to great tech, and the inside scoop on what’s coming next for Nanoleaf and the Nanoleaf Cloud.

Product Development Roadmap

Buy one of our Smarter Series products means that you’re buying more than a light. You’re buying an ever-evolving, always-improving lighting experience that gets better over time. Check out what’s coming next at our dev roadmap page.