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Holiday String Lights

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Matter Smart Holiday String Lights
Matter Smart Holiday String Lights
Matter Smart Holiday String Lights
Matter Smart Holiday String Lights
Matter Smart Holiday String Lights

Matter Smart Holiday String Lights

Matter Smart Holiday String Lights
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What's In The Box?
  • Each
Note: Smart bulbs in general are not compatible with dimmer switches.
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Only units can be purchased per person at this time, sorry for the inconvenience.
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  • Description

    Celebrate everyday moments and your favourite festivities with Nanoleaf Smart Holiday String Lights—like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and more! Customizable colour palettes and lighting animations set the mood in an instant with automated Schedules, or the touch of a button, app, or simple voice command. You can even sync your lights with your favourite songs to watch them dance to the beat! Designed for both indoor and outdoor use (IP44). - 250 Addressable LEDs | 20m - 16+ Million Colours and Tunable Whites - Use with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Matter over Wi-Fi - Control with Attached Controller, Nanoleaf App or through a Smart Home Ecosystem Requires a Matter compatible smart home hub and iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ to connect to a smart home ecosystem and for Schedules.

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      Free Shipping Over CAD $100i

      Includes YT, NWT, NT. Orders ship from Vancouver or Toronto.

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      Free Technical Support
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      2 Year Warrantyi

      Get a free replacement for defective products. LEARN MORE

  • Specs


    • General
      String Lights: 565g | Adapter: 78g | Controller: 90g
      String Light Length
      2 connected strings of 10m
      Cable Length to first LED
      Cable Length from Power Supply to Controller
      LED Size
      String Colour
      250 lumens
      Usability Environment
      Indoor & Outdoor
      IP Rating
      No. of LEDs
      Total: 250 | 125 LEDs in each 10m string
      Beam Angle
    • Colour
      Colour Temperature
      2700 - 6500K
      Colour Channel Configuration
      Colour Capability
      16M+ (colours and tunable white)
    • Control
      The Nanoleaf App
      Control via Nanoleaf App (Android & iOS) on mobile/tablet or with the Nanoleaf Desktop App via Wi-Fi.
      Voice Control & Smart Home Ecosystems
      Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThingsi

      * Matter compatible smart home hub required to connect to a smart home ecosystem.

      Manual Controls
      Single Touch Button
      Yes (via App or Voice)
      Dimming Range
      1% - 100%
      Wireless Protocol
      Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    • Power
      Rated Power
      Rated Voltage
      Rated Frequency
      10,000 hours
      Working Temperature
      -15℃ to +40℃
    • Warranty
      2 Years
  • FAQ & User Manual

    • 1

      Kann ich die Lichterketten auch draußen verwenden? Puis-je utiliser les guirlandes lumineuses à l'extérieur ? Can I use the Holiday String Lights outside?

      Ja! Diese Lichterkette hat die Schutzklasse IP44, was bedeutet, dass sie Spritzwasser und leichtem Regen standhalten kann. Oui ! Ces lumières sont classées IP44, ce qui signifie qu'elles peuvent résister aux éclaboussures d'eau et aux pluies légères. Yes! These lights are rated IP44, which means it can withstand water splashes and light rain.

    • 2

      Was bedeutet "adressierbar"? Que signifie "adressable" ? What does addressable mean?

      Stellen Sie sich die adressierbare Technologie wie einen Farbverlauf vor. Da jede LED gleichzeitig in einer anderen Farbe leuchten kann, können Ihre Lichterketten einen schönen Lichtverlauf anzeigen. Considérez ceci comme un dégradé de couleurs. Comme chaque LED peut afficher une couleur différente en même temps, vos guirlandes lumineuses peuvent afficher un magnifique dégradé de lumière. Think of addressable technology like a gradient. As each LED can display a different color at the same time, your Holiday String Lights are able to show a beautiful gradient of light.

    • 3

      Sind sie mit Matter, Wi-Fi oder Bluetooth kompatibel? Ces guirlandes lumineuses sont-elles compatibles avec Matter, Wi-Fi ou Bluetooth ? Are these Matter, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible?

      Sie können die Nanoleaf Smarten Lichterketten über Bluetooth, Wi-Fi oder mit Matter über Wi-Fi steuern. Vous pouvez contrôler les guirlandes lumineuses Nanoleaf via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi ou Matter via Wi-Fi. You can control the Nanoleaf Holiday String Lights over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or with Matter over Wi-Fi.

    • 4

      Wie sollte ich die Nanoleaf Holiday Lichterkette aufstellen, um den besten Lichteffekt zu erzielen? Comment dois-je installer les guirlandes lumineuses Nanoleaf pour obtenir le meilleur effet lumineux ? How should I set up the Nanoleaf Holiday String Lights for the best light effect?

      Wir empfehlen, in der Mitte des Baumes zu beginnen. Wickeln Sie eine Lichterkette in Richtung Boden und die andere in Richtung Baumspitze. Versuchen Sie, die gesamte Lichterkette zu verwenden, wenn Sie die Spitze oder den Boden erreichen, ohne sie in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zurück zu wickeln. Die besten Ergebnisse erzielen Sie, wenn Sie sie spiralförmig anordnen. Nous recommandons de commencer par le milieu de l'arbre. Enroulez une guirlande vers le bas et l'autre vers le haut de l'arbre. Essayez d'utiliser toutes les guirlandes lumineuses lorsque vous atteignez le haut ou le bas de l'arbre, sans les enrouler dans la direction opposée. Pour de meilleurs résultats, disposez les guirlandes en spirale. We recommend starting from the middle of the tree. Wrap one string downwards and the other upwards. Try to utilize all of the string lights as you reach the top or the bottom without having the same string wrap back in the opposite direction. Arrange as a spiral for best results.

    • 5

      How big a tree can your Holiday String Lights cover?

      They should comfortably cover a tree that is 5 to 7 feet high, but this also depends on factors like the shape of your tree, and how close or far apart your string lights are when you wrap them around your tree/space.

    • 6

      Can I attach additional strings together?

      Holiday String Lights cannot be physically connected together to form one extra long set. If more than one set is used, they will act as their own independent units.

      You can however, utilize the Nanoleaf App and apply group Scenes to more than one set of Holiday String Lights so that they all play the same Scene at the same time.

    Got more questions? We are here to help!

  • Certification

    1. na-ul-ulc na-fcc na-ic na-etl
  • matter
  • apple-home
  • google-home
  • razer-chroma
  • alexa

Making your Celebrations Brighter & Smarter

Vibrant Colours with Dynamic Animations

Choose from virtually endless themed Scenes created by Nanoleaf and the community, or get creative and customize your own colour palettes to display across your lights!


Enjoy convenient app control of your lights, or use Voice Commands through your smart home ecosystem

Let the Good Times Glow!

  • Embrace the Festive Feeling

    Instantly create a magical ambience to enhance every holiday memory from Valentine's Day, Halloween to Christmas Day, and many more!

  • Light Up Your Music Playlist

    Turn up your favourite tunes and watch your lights react to the music, dancing along to every beat.

  • Not Just For Holidays

    Use warm and cool whites to light up any dark nights, or play around with colours to bring new life to your space every day.

pointer icon

16M+ Colours and Warm to Cool Whites

Immerse yourself in a world of colour or enjoy the ambient glow of cool or warm whites.

Animated Colour Gradients & Scenes

Choose from a variety of animated motions to bring your palettes to life. Set colours to flow and transition gradually, or pop up energetically to enhance any celebration!

Perfect For Indoors & Outdoors

IP44 splashproof and weatherproof to withstand any season all year round

Get Into The Music

Watch your lights dance to the beat

Easy Access Controller

Turn your lights ON/OFF and cycle through whites, colours and Scenes.

Matter-Enabled (over Wi-Fi)

Matter allows compatibility with major smart home ecosystems

Matter allows compatibility with major smart home ecosystems like Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. To use Matter, iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ and a Matter compatible hub is required.


Use with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Control directly with the Nanoleaf App over Wi-Fi

Control directly with the Nanoleaf App over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and/or connect to a smart home ecosystem for voice control with any Matter compatible smart home hub.


Unlock All Features

We always recommend pairing with the Nanoleaf App first, and then connecting it to a smart home ecosystem* if you’d like access to more features.

Nanoleaf App
  • Themed Scenes

    Discover thousands of already made colour palettes, lighting animations and colour-changing Scenes.

  • Customize Colour Palettes & Motions

    Get creative and create your own custom dynamic Scenes to fit any occasion.

  • Magic Scenes

    Type in any word and watch a matching colour palette appear magically across your lights

essentials new matter section app
essentials new matter section app
Smart Home Ecosystem
  • Simple Control via Ecosystem Apps

    With Matter, you can control basic functions of your lights directly through your favourite smart home ecosystem app.

  • Voice Controls

    "Go hands free, and control your lights via Voice when you link it up to a smart home ecosystem with Matter. Hey Siri, please turn on my String Lights!"

  • Set Schedules

    Automate your lights to turn on/off at set times to make your routines easier and more convenient.

essentials new matter section matter
essentials new matter section matter
*Nanoleaf App requires Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Connecting to a Smart Home Ecosystem requires the following:
Matter Compatible Smart Home Hub
Latest Firmware on your Devices & Apps

Nanoleaf's Creative Online Community

Follow us to join the Nanoleaf community for giveaways, livestreams, product inspiration, and more!

Customize & Control From Your Mobile or Desktop

works with app

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