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Nanoleaf is a technology and IoT company changing the world with the most innovative smart home solutions, taking ordinary experiences and making them extraordinary. By infusing thoughtful design and technological intelligence in their products, Nanoleaf is ushering in a new era of the smart home that centers around complete personalization.

Nanoleaf was founded in 2012 by three engineers wanting to shake up the lighting industry. The company now has a global presence with offices in Shenzhen, Paris and Toronto. Made up of a diverse team of passionate out-of-the-box thinking problem-solvers, Nanoleaf strives to transform and reshape the way we experience our world.

Our Company History
  • 2012
    Nanoleaf was Founded

    Nanoleaf is born! Tom moves to Shenzhen, China - briefly living out of Christian’s family’s factory to start working on an ultra energy efficient light bulb. Gimmy quickly joins them and the three create the Nanoleaf One: the world’s most energy efficient light bulb.

  • 2013
    Kickstarter #1: Nanoleaf One

    Nanoleaf launches their first Kickstarter campaign for the Nanoleaf One. Sitting in their one room “office,” the three hit the submit button, and to their amazement, reach their funding goal of $20,000 in just three days. Ultimately raising over $250,000 from supporters, investors like Li-Ka Shing and Kleiner Perkins take notice.

  • 2014
    Kickstarter #2: Nanoleaf Bloom

    The company’s second bulb, the Nanoleaf Bloom, launches on Kickstarter. They quickly surpass their $20,000 goal tenfold yet again. Chris Burch, Co-Founder of the Tory Burch brand, invests in Nanoleaf. They’ve now raised half a million dollars through crowdfunding to bring their bright ideas to life.

  • January 2015
    Nanoleaf’s Toronto HQ

    Nanoleaf’s headquarters in Toronto opens. The team has now grown to 15 people. In 2015, the company introduces three more ultra efficient light bulbs: the Nanoleaf Gem decor bulb, PAR38 spotlight and Nanoleaf Amber candelabra light.

  • 2016
    Nanoleaf Light Panels

    The Nanoleaf Light Panels launch. The first ever modular smart light with a triangle shape, the idea of “LEGO as lighting” is a breakthrough that sparks creativity, joy and a new conversation on what defines lighting. The Light Panels springboard from NYC’s MoMA Design Store and Best Buy across North America.

  • March to April 2017
    Europe & Australia

    Nanoleaf is now sold in over 40 countries globally.

  • June 2018
    Nanoleaf Remote

    Nanoleaf Remote launches - a physical remote control that connects to the Light Panels and 3rd party HomeKit products, simplifying the smart home for even the least tech savvy users.

  • January 2019
    Nanoleaf Canvas

    The company’s first touch-intuitive light, the modular Nanoleaf Canvas, launches into Home Depot, offering controls via touch gestures and more design possibilities than the triangular Light Panels. Pre-orders sell out in less than a week.

  • May 2020
    Nanoleaf Shapes Launch

    Nanoleaf Shapes line features the first ever modular smart lighting with shape interconnectivity (Connect+). Hexagons are the first shape of the line, winning the CES Innovation Awards 2020 and selling out its pre-order in 72 hours.

  • October 2020
    First Annual Nanoleaf Live Event

    Nanoleaf announces two new products in the Shapes line - Triangles and Mini Triangles. The Essentials line of smart lighting basics - A19 Bulb and Lightstrips - are also revealed for the first time. Company announces that its all-in-one intelligent lighting system, the Learning Series, will be available in 2021.

Meet Our Team

Nanoleaf is ushering in a new era of lighting that centers around complete personalization. We are a team of passionate creatives dreaming up innovative solutions to create a world beyond light bulbs and restrictions around how we illuminate our living spaces.

Our Founders
  • Gimmy Chu

    As Nanoleaf’s Chief Executive Officer, Gimmy is responsible for Nanoleaf’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

    Gimmy is Canadian-born Chinese, and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto. He’s had 8 years of management experience at one of the largest technology-consulting firms in North America, and has delivered numerous multi-million dollar projects across North America for companies like Best Buy, TD Bank, and Hawaiian Telcom. His unique background in IT optimization, comprehensive understanding of corporate structure, and highly experienced problem solving abilities have proven to be key in growing Nanoleaf into a global company.

  • Tom Rodinger

    As Nanoleaf’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom is the lead in technology development. He has been the mastermind behind all of Nanoleaf products, and leads Nanoleaf’s entire product development engineering team, which has delivered many breakthrough products. Tom is from Vancouver, Canada, and holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. He’s had a strong curiosity for designing energy efficient electronics since childhood, and has studied engineering from an early age. His deep passion for sustainability and finding solutions to today’s energy problems are his driving forces of motivation.

  • Christian Yan

    As Nanoleaf’s Chief Operations Officer, Christian leads a global team responsible for end-to-end supply chain management and dedicated to ensuring that Nanoleaf products meet the highest quality standards and in the most environmentally friendly way. Christian is a Canadian raised Chinese. He holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Toronto. With over 8 years of experience as managing director of a 100+ worker manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China, and his in-depth experience with supply chain management, Christian is a key figure in optimizing Nanoleaf’s operations.

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