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User Manual

Nanoleaf Elements

Welcome to Smarter Living

Congratulations on becoming an official owner of the Nanoleaf Elements. Remember, you can grow your masterpiece with Expansion Packs to add more glow to your space. Thank you for your support, you brighten our day like Nanoleaf brightens the world!

Product Overview
Product Setup

Before you mount your panels onto the wall, plug it in to a power source and try it out on a table or floor. Make sure your design fits into your space by measuring the width and height of your intended setup. For the best placement of your panels, please refer to Placement Recommendations. You can also use the tools below to help plan out your design!

What’s in the Box

5 Pack Smarter Kit

9 Pack Smarter Kit

3 Pack Expansion

20 Pack Expansion

Designing Your Layout

Layout Assistant

Explore different panel layouts with the Layout Assistant and preview them in your room using the AR feature. Download the Nanoleaf mobile App and open the Layout Assistant to get started.

Flex Linkers (Coming Soon)

Extend the possibilities of your Nanoleaf Elements even further! Bend around corners, mountthe panels to angled surfaces, maybe even create something a little radical. Each linker bends 360 degrees.

Design Inspiration

Get inspired by the Nanoleaf community! Check out our Social Media channels to see what other Nanoleaf owners are creating or explore the Nanoleaf Library of Elements.

Show Off Your Design!

Remember to share your designs with us on social media by tagging @nanoleafhome and #nanoleaf. Follow us to stay updated on upcoming giveaways, special promotions, and product updates.

Mounting Your Panels


Prepare Your Surface

The Nanoleaf Elements should only be installed indoors and on a flat surface that can support the weight of the panels. Clean your surface to be free of dust, moisture and oil (1.1). The included Mounting Tape is NOT recommended for textured, porous, popcorn and ceiling surfaces (ie. wallpaper or brick walls).


Set Up Your First Panel

Designate a panel from your setup as the starting panel. Attach all needed linkers before you attach any panel to the wall.


Connecting the Controller & PSU

With your first panel, connect the Controller and PSU. This will ensure that your setup is properly working as you continue to connect your panels together. The position of these can be changed to your liking later on.

How many PSUs do I need?

Each standard 42W PSU supports up to 22 Elements panels (2W per panel). Each Controller supports up to 80 Elements panels. Please check out our PSU Calculator for large installations.


Mount Your Panels

Remove the protective liner from the tape and position your panel into place. Mount your panel by applying strong pressure to the centre (this should be where the Mounting Plate is on the reverse side). Make sure to rub your fist in a circular motion for 30 seconds to avoid any falling panels.

note: Make sure to leave end of the tape sticking out. This will allow you to safely remove them later from the wall.


Complete Your Setup

Continue to add your panels ensuring that the linkers are fully snapped into the linker slot. The panels should be aligned edge to edge and should light up as each panel is added.


Adding New Tape?

When you need to attach a replacement tape to your Mounting Plate, make sure the tape is placed between the two holes. Leave end of the tape sticking out. This will allow you to safely remove them later from the wall. Visit our shop for additional Mounting tapes.


Need to Dismount Your Elements?

Gently snap the panel off from the Mounting Plate. With one hand on the plate, use the other to pull on the tail of the tape. Pull directly down along the wall. Do not pull the tape towards you or at any other angle, otherwise the tape may snap and damage your wall.

Add to Your Masterpiece!

Be even more creative and grow your setup with Expansion Packs.

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Pairing Your Panels iOS

Standard Pairing Process for iOS

To ensure a smooth pairing process, please make sure you have the following things ready:

  • Requires iOS 12+

  • Found on the Quick Start Guide, PSU or Controller

  • 5 GHz networks are not compatible with Nanoleaf products

  • A white light indicates that your Elements are ready for pairing


Download and Open the Nanoleaf App

You can find the official Nanoleaf Smarter Series App in the App Store.


Pair Your Elements

  • 2.1

    Select the MORE tab.   · · ·

  • 2.2

    Select MY DEVICES and + to add a device.

  • 2.3

    Select ELEMENTS as your product and START PAIRING.

  • 2.4

    The camera will open automatically.

  • 2.5

    Scan the HomeKit pairing code to pair.

  • 2.6

    Your Nanoleaf Elements should now be connected and ready to go.


iOS Additional Pairing Method

  • 1. After Step 2.4 in the Standard Pairing Process, hold the top of your device over the buttons of your Controller.

    2. A connection should be automatically established and your Elements will be paired.

  • 1. Select I Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan

    2. Enter the 8-digit pairing code (can be found on the Quick Start Guide, PSU or Controller).

“How can one setup be controlled by multiple iOS users?”

This will require the Apple Home App and the Nanoleaf App.

Primary User

  • 1.1

    Open the Nanoleaf App.

  • 1.2

    Select the MORE tab.   · · ·

  • 1.3

    Select USERS.

  • 1.4

    Invite the secondary user with their Apple ID email.

Secondary User

  • 2.1

    An invitation from the primary user should appear for you to accept.

  • 2.2

    Open the Home App and select the home icon in the top left.

  • 2.3

    Select HOME SETTINGS, a list of homes will appear.

  • 2.4

    Accept the home that has been shared with you. This will give you control of the Elements as well as any other HomeKit devices in the same home.

Pairing Your Panels Android

Standard Pairing Process for Android

To ensure a smooth pairing process, please make sure you have the following things ready:

  • Requires Android 5.0+

  • Found on the Quick Start Guide, PSU or Controller

  • 5 GHz networks are not compatible with Nanoleaf products.

  • A white light indicates that your Elements are ready for pairing


Download and Open the Nanoleaf App

You can find the official Nanoleaf Smarter Series App in the Google Play Store.


Pair Your Elements

  • 2.1

    Ensure your location settings are enabled on your device.

  • 2.2

    Select DEVICES, located in the side menu on the left.

  • 2.3

    Select + to add a device.

  • 2.4

    Select ELEMENTS as your product and START PARING, choose one of the following options to pair:

  • 1. Scan the QR Code found on the Quick Start Guide, PSU or Controller.

  • 1. Ensure that NFC is enabled on your device.

    2. Hold the top of your device over the buttons of your Controller.

    3. A connection should be automatically established and your Elements will be paired.

  • 1. If you have more than one set of panels connected to your network, select the magnifying glass to identify the correct setup (it will flash green).

    2. Once identified, TAP TO PAIR.

    3. Enter the 8-digit pairing code (found on the Quick Start Guide, PSU or Controller).


Register your warranty and get the very best from your Nanoleaf.

It's below the barcode on the back of the Controller Unit.
As a new Nanoleaf owner, we want to make sure you get the most out of your masterpiece! Receive tips on how to use some exciting features, get exclusive offers, and be the first to know about new products. Don't want those? Unsubscribe at any time with the link in the footer of any email =)
All communications with you are handled in compliance with the Nanoleaf Privacy Policy, as is the treatment of any personally identifiable information provided. By submitting, you'll register your warranty (which will be emailed back to you) and you give us permission to contact you regarding warranty related issues. You will not be subscribed to other communications unless you've done so separately.

Thanks for registering your warranty!

Controlling Your Elements


The Controller is the brain of the Nanoleaf Elements. The touch control buttons on the Controller provide convenient shortcuts to common commands. The Controller can be attached to any available linker slot in your layout.

  • Cycle through Default or Saved Rhythm Scenes.

  • The Controller comes with dozens of preloaded Scenes, use the shuffle button to cycle through them. Hold the Shuffle button to return to a previous random Scene.

Advanced Button Controls

You can also use the Controller’s touch buttons for advanced commands—most commands can be executed by holding buttons, or tapping two buttons at once. Here is a full list of shortcuts:

  • Only the last 5 randomly loaded Scenes are available. A flash of yellow on the panels will indicate that you are at the end of your browsing history.

  • This saves the current Scene if it’s not already saved. This is most useful for saving Scenes you like when using Shuffle.

  • Cycle through the following preset white light modes: Warm White (1500K), Reading Light (2700K), Daylight White (4000K).

  • If you have more than 22 panels connected to your Controller, this enables or disables Power Diagnostic Mode. This mode helps you place additional power supplies to optimise your Nanoleaf Elements system.

  • This opens a 30s window to pair your devices.

  • This mode allows your Controller to act as a local network hotspot without an Internet connection. With this mode active, you can use the Nanoleaf App to operate your Nanoleaf Elements without needing a router or access point.

NOTE: During Wi-Fi Hospot Mode, your Controller will not be able to download firmware updates. Discover content from the community will also be unavailable.

Touch Actions

Touch Actions transform each light panel into a smart button, allowing for the most seamless control of your entire smart home. With as little as a single press on a panel, activate HomeKit Scenes to control any or all of your HomeKit products at once. See it in action here.

Touch Gestures

Touch Gestures can be used to change brightness, Scenes or turning your Elements on and off. Find more about this function here.

The Nanoleaf App

Turn your lighting on and off, control brightness, group lights by home and by room, create and use Scenes, and much more.

  • Choose an existing Scene or create your own (Static, Dynamic, Rhythm, Group, Layered). You can also use the Paint Tool to paint panels individually.

  • Find and download new Scenes created by the Nanoleaf community.

  • Find helpful information including tutorials, new device features, etc.

  • Automate your Scenes to turn on or off.

Voice Control

You can easily control your Elements by voice in a few different ways. In the Nanoleaf App, make sure to name your panels with something easy.

  • “Turn [Device Name] on/off.”

    “Set [Device Name] to 10% brightness.”

    “Brighten/dim the lights.”

    “Brighten/dim the lights to [%].”

    “Set [Scene Name].”

    "Set [Device Name] to [Scene Name]"

    “Set [Device Name] to [Shade of White].”

  • “Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”

    “Turn on/off the lights in [Room Name].”

    “Turn on/off all my lights.”

    “Turn off [Device Name].”

    “Brighten/dim [Device Name].”

    “Brighten/dim the lights in [Room Name].”

    “Brighten/dim all my lights.”

    “Set [Device Name] to [%].”

    “Set [Device Name] to [Shade of White].”

  • “Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”

    “Turn off [Device Name].”

    “Brighten/dim [Device Name].”

    “Set [Device Name] to [%] brightness.”

    “Set [Device Name] to [Shade of White].”


Reset Options


Soft Reset

This will reset the Wi-Fi and all saved pairing configurations. Your saved Scenes will remain.

  • 1.1

    Press and hold the Power and Brighten buttons together on the Controller for 15 seconds.

  • 1.2

    Let go once buttons start flashing.

  • 1.3

    Wait for the Power button LED to remain on and steady.

  • 1.4

    On the Nanoleaf App, delete the previous device and re-pair it again.


Hard Reset

This will reset your Elements to factory settings, deleting Wi-Fi settings, pairing information, and saved Scenes. Default Scenes and settings will be restored.

NOTE: You can restore your Scenes after a Hard Reset if you are logged in to your Nanoleaf Account (see Restore Scenes procedure below).

  • 2.1

    Unplug your Elements from the power source.

  • 2.2

    While holding the Power and Brighten buttons, plug the Power Supply back into power.

  • 2.3

    Continue holding the buttons down until the button LEDs on the Controller come on.

  • 2.4

    Once the LEDs come on, quickly release the buttons. The LEDs will flash to indicate that the hard reset will now take place.

  • 2.5

    Wait about 2 minutes for a reboot. The Elements are ready to be setup once the Power Button LED turns on and the panels begin cycling through whites.


Need to Restore Your Scenes?

If you are logged in to your Nanoleaf Account, scenes can be restored after a Hard Reset.

  • 1.

    Open the Nanoleaf App and login to your Nanoleaf Account.

  • 2.

    In the Dashboard tab, select the settings icon.

  • 3.

    Under SYSTEM > BACKUP AND RESTORE, ensure that DEVICE SYNC is enabled.

  • 5.


Common Solutions

“I moved or changed my Wi-Fi network.”

  • A

    Wi-Fi Reset

    This will allow you to connect your Elements to a new Wi-FI network.

  • 1.

    Plug your Elements in to a power source.

  • 2.

    With the Power and the Brighten buttons on the Controller, press and alternate between them 5 times (10 presses total).

  • 3.

    The Power button LED will become solid white.


“My Elements are paired but unreachable.”

  • A

    Toggle your Wi-Fi

    On your phone, toggle the Wi-Fi off, then on again.

  • B

    Power Cycle your Controller

    Unplug the Controller, then plug it back in.

  • C

    Power Cycle your Router

    Unplug your Router, then plug it back in.

  • D

    Soft Reset

    See how to Soft Reset

“I am not able to pair my Elements.”

  • A

    Check your Router Settings

  • 1.

    Are you connected to a 2.4 GHz network? 5 GHz networks are not supported.

  • 2.

    Ensure multicast, IGMP, UPnP (if available) are enabled on your router settings.

“I don’t see my Elements in the App for setup.”

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Plug your PSU into power. The Power button on the Controller will light up after 1 minute.

If your Status LED is Solid White

Meaning: Your Elements are ready to connect to your network. Try the following:

  • 1.

    Make sure your mobile device Wi-Fi is on.

  • 2.

    Move your mobile device closer to your panels.

  • 3.

    Toggle the Wi-Fi on your mobile device off, then on.

  • 4.

    Try a Hard Reset.

If your Status LED is Flashing

Meaning: Your Wi-Fi is configured, but the panels cannot connect to the target network. Try the following:

  • 1.

    Power Cycle your Elements (unplug your PSU from power, then plug it back in).

  • 2.

    If your panels are paired on the Nanoleaf App, delete the device and re-pair them with the Standard Pairing Process.

If your Status LED is Unlit

Meaning: Your Wi-Fi is configured and connected to your router. Try the following:

  • 1.

    Make sure your mobile device is on the same network.

  • 2.

    Toggle the Wi-Fi on your mobile device off, then on.

Placement Tips

The following tips can help your Nanoleaf Elements achieve the best wireless range & network reception.

  • 1.

    Place your Elements in an open area where there are less obstructions, such as large pieces of furniture or walls.

  • 2.

    Avoid placing your Elements behind furniture or inside cabinets.

  • 3.

    Don‘t place your Elements in areas surrounded by metal surfaces on three or more sides. This can cause signal issues.

  • 4.

    Try to place your Elements at least 25 feet (8 metres) away from any microwave oven, 2.4 GHz cordless phone, Wi-Fi devices, or other source of interference.

  • 5.

    Place your Elements as close to your Wi-Fi home router as possible. For best performance, keep the distance below 65 feet (20 metres) and have no more than one wall in between.

Large Installations

Each standard 42W PSU supports up to 22 Elements panels (2W per panel). Each Controller supports up to 80 hexagons. Adjust Your Power Supplies for Optimal Performance.


Activate Power Diagnostic Mode

If you have more than 22 panels and/or multiple Controllers in your Elements setup, you should try to distribute power supplies across your layout evenly. Activating Power Diagnostic Mode will give you tips on where you can place your power supplies for optimal performance:

On your Controller, hold the Dim (–) and Brighten (+) buttons down together for 5s.


Open the Nanoleaf App

  • 1. Open the MORE menu.

    2. Select SETTINGS > WARNINGS > Power Limited

  • 1. Open the side menu.

    2. Select SETTINGS > WARNINGS > Power Limited


Colour-coded Map

A colour-coded map of your panels will appear in the App. The map will automatically update as you connect or move, power supply units within your setup.


Distribute Power Supply

  • Green: Connected power supply

  • Blue: Add more power supplies. Connect extra power supplies to these panels.

  • White: Optional places to connect. If unable to do the above, add power supplies to the brightest panels.

PSU Calculator

Make sure you have enough PSUs for your layout. Enter how many of each shape you have in your layout.

Please enter a number
One (1) 42W Power Supply Unit comes with any Nanoleaf Elements Smarter Kit. For optimal performance, do not use both 42W and 75W power supplies in the same Nanoleaf setup.

Need more power?


note: Each standard 42W PSU supports up to 21 Elements (2W per panel). Each Controller supports up to 500 Elements. The Controller and PSU can be connected to any panel.

Make Use of Nanoleaf Tools

Nanoleaf Open API

A local network API designed to extend your product experience. Integrate your setup with third party devices and services and enable more granular control of the hardware.

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